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  1. The x1800 is a great card, and Sapphire have a good customer support, if u can spend a little more money go for it, other way the x1600 or the 7600 is a good option. with some luck u can get a 7900 gt for 200 dollars in ebay.
  2. Wow thats sad, well the 3800x2 is a nice option too! i need to build 3-4 rigs and yeah the budget is low so the 3800 is my option now well in 1 more month lol
  3. Well Cruz azul is one of the biggest teams in Mexico, very popular here, in the last 10 years they have 2 championships im pretty sure of this (correct me sorrento if im wrong lol). But oh yeah, Europe > America in Club teams. Fonseca is a warrior, sometimes he can score 4 goals, other times dont, but he always run run and run. good player.
  4. Oh yes! come on prices! I want to get some optys in a bargain price :D
  5. yeah i think the plastic tubes are a great idea, is a mid tower case is really hard to hide/zip my psu + ide + sata cables.
  6. Hmm Mexico-Argentina the first one in score will win im pretty sure, those games are very close, and Mexico plays better versus good teams (not like angola rofl). And if Mexico dont have another weird day like today (1 penalty given, 1 pentalty fail, 1 red card, etc etc) The game will be interesting. Good luck Mexico is time to grow up!
  7. I Keep working on my rig! but is hard with this acrylic case lol! the only place i have to hide something is behind the mobo, and of course u can see it in the other side lol! oh well another minus point in this kind of Cases. but i keep working and thinking. Thanks for all the inputs and yeah this is fun.
  8. I wish that was true! believe me backup a 320 gb HD with 30-60 mb/sec transfer is a pain lol! where is my 3Gb/sec! damn marketing lol
  9. Well if u have luck with the 165 u can hit 3.0 ghz easy. a 600w will be enought. the question for a monitor is how much u want to spend on it, and for what u will use it.
  10. This site accepts money orders as payment? or international credit card payments? Or exist any other site that sells all the DangerDen equipment and accepts this kind of payment? Because i want to order in this days the setup for my new Rig. Thanks
  11. Cool thanks guys, yeah I will start today! so I will show some pictures soon
  12. Anyone here want to create a cable management turorial, or know a good link for it? I want to learn and fix my case "jungle". Thanks in advance
  13. Hey happy_games one question, how is the improve from 1 to 2 x1900 cards running oblivion. I have 1 and looks amazing, cant imagine the game running in 2 gpus. I know the fps will increase, but what about the graphics? and cool 2 x1900 is a interesting job
  14. Im trying to record an old VCR video to my PC so I can make a dvd-video, but I cant conect my VCR to my PC. I used the DVI cable to RCA, and then conected the RCA in the out conection of my VCR. And when i use PowerDirector i dont have the option to capture video, only audio. Is a software mistake? or i need another kind of software? or drivers? or maybe my conections?
  15. wow another last minutes goal, that stinks poor guys lol. well Paraguay says goodbye
  16. I hope Mexico will be there atleast in quarters
  17. yeah that kind of games are hardcore lol, if u won 1-0 (ur trash) if u won 5-0 (was only trinidad) but if u draw or lose lol u will have all the country against u! but oh well i think England, Brazil, Italy, Germany are used to this situations
  18. Trinidad - England, Can trinidad make another miracle? the game will be interesting
  19. Yes they are, and if u are careful the case will be fine, WC looks great on it, I really dont have temps problem with it.
  20. Ok im buying a new WC for my new RIG. I want something with high performance, noiseless. VGA block - DD - Tyee 125 usd CPU block - Copper TDX Block for Athlon64 754/939/940 53 usd (silver block worth it for that price?) Reservoir - Danger Den Dual 5 1/4" Bay Reservoir 32 usd Radiators - ThermoChill HE120.3 or this one Thermochill PA120.2 Pump ? dont know wich one. I will use the Radiator on the top of my case (best spot for fit) 3/8 tubbing? or 1/2 ? Advice? tips? Thanks in advance
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