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  1. Im near u in Monterrey, and my team is Necaxa. Looks like I can say bye bye to my avatar, sad thing.
  2. Currect OC on a Sapphire X1900 XTX 735 / 855 VGPU volt : 1.275 still not find my max speeds. will post image when I do it
  3. Sorry for ask but my country is Mexico, I just study in USA thats why my poor english! and thats why I like Soccer. Thanks
  4. Hey! thanks for my avatar! If u can change it for a Mexico flag will be great! thanks !
  5. Brazil- France will be a great game, but is not the france of the 98! and maybe Zidane can score 1-2 goals, but the gordito will score more lol
  6. this threads talks a little http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=58169 http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=56389 Hope that helps u
  7. just finished the demo and is great, graphics are good, sound is great, some of the voice acting is pretty funny, is a nice option for buy.
  8. Deppends! 1. how much u want to spend ? 2. how much u want to spend? and 3. how much u want to spend?
  9. Holy this is better than a Electronic Boutique store! pretty impresive
  10. I hear a lot of bad issues with the 7900 KO gpus my vote is for a 7900 gt u can get one in ebay for less than 220, or just pick one in newegg, is a great card.
  11. I played oblivion with a x1600 pro 512 mb and was good, good image quality good frame rate, is a good option, one of the best deal out there money/quality. of course like technodanvan says this card wont look like the x1900xtx or the 7900 gtx. Hope this helps
  12. I hope this helps. VGPU voltage default for xtx is 1.425 and the optimal temps should be 55-60 (idle) not higher than 75 in a oblivion session for example. my settings atm are: VGPU 1.275 MVDDC 2.102 MVDDQ 2.086 VDDCI 1.300 my idle temps are 45-52 and my load temps are 57-65 low voltages help a lot with the temps, but yeah if u want to get higher mhz on that OC u need more volts, but then again u need to watch those temps, I saw some people running this card near the 90s but that will cut the life of ur card, or will burn it!. I think u already have great speeds, ur 3d mark scores should be high and ur framerates too.
  13. my overnight ups service was a 3 days shipping next time Fedex will be my option
  14. Im looking for a program to burn a dvd movie adding subtitles, i have Nero, but i cant see a option there. I have some movies in spoken english i want to burn them with spanish subtitles. Thanks
  15. im very happy with my opty 165
  16. ok WOW worth it is the question. just ask u another question, how many time u want to spend on a online game? 1-2 hours per day? 3-6 hours? wow dont fit in the first answer, the best part of WOW required a lot of time, for everything for get to level 60 is the easy thing, if u want to be a crafter then u need to spend a lot of time gathering the mats, and leveling ur skill, if u want to join a noob guild then u can be a passenger of wow (play somedays, few hours) if u want to be in a hardcore guild to open the door of the real WOW (high end content, high end raid pvp, etc etc) then u need to spend many many hours playing this game, can be really fun if u like that, if not then the game is frustating. If u want to some tips and advices, im a pally 60 with every possible gear on the game, so i can help u. Right now im off of wow lol, got tired after many time in there.
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