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  1. I got a Viewsonic VP201s and it rocks at 1600x1200. But like the guys already said you get used to it and want more! He He! I guess its time for 24”


    Sad thing! but yeah 1600x1200 is great! but u want more later like get 2 7950 and a 30 inch monitor is better lol ! damn just because my gf! she says 2400 dollars for play at 2560 x 1600 u are crazy! rofl

  2. I got it running at 600/800 right now. Got it up to 8787 on 3dmark 06. How much will this shorten the life of the card I wonder?





    1. ur temps are normal with ur current volts ?



    If the answer is normal then the life of the card is the same, im pretty sure the life shorten when u put high volts at high temps on something like cpu or vgpu, but if u have normal temps then u are ok.

  3. I have very very bad luck in this days, and yeah after trying to find driver for my winxp64 with not luck, i installed a winxp 32 in another HD and when i try to install the printer i got the next msg "print spooler service is unavailible restart ur system for fix the problem" or something like, after i restarted is again the same msg, so i cant install the printer lol !


    any ideas? or my windows installation is wrong?

  4. I just noticed my DVD-RW is "dead"

    like doesnt have power or something like that, I doubled checked the power conector and everything is fine. The led dont turn on when I start the PC, and of course the drive is like dead.

    Any ideas? or i just burned my dvd drive somehow.

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