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  1. 1.225 -1.3 should be enough for get that speed.
  2. yup u need the glasses and yeah u need a software compatible with that feature.
  3. omega if u are a winxp 3 bits user
  4. yeah thats normal for the stock fan, like 75ish
  5. Is s a great PSU but if u want a little more quiet get the gamextream 600w is more cheaper
  6. well i had a lite-on same history, now this sony lol yeah i should get a plextor or something like that
  7. try to desinstall every sound driver u have, and install the lastest drivers http://us.creative.com/support/downloads/w...asp?action=next
  8. Sad thing! but yeah 1600x1200 is great! but u want more later like get 2 7950 and a 30 inch monitor is better lol ! damn just because my gf! she says 2400 dollars for play at 2560 x 1600 u are crazy! rofl
  9. Well u have great temps, but how about the noise? lol u should get a another fan with less noise =p oh well thats me i cant be near a noisy pc =p
  10. I used a 7900 gt with 256 recently and a x1900 xtx 512 mb and for me is a big big diference. but yeah thats because the core clock/memory speed, and the 256 plus memory.
  11. Deppends: 1. ur temps are normal with ur current volts ? If the answer is normal then the life of the card is the same, im pretty sure the life shorten when u put high volts at high temps on something like cpu or vgpu, but if u have normal temps then u are ok.
  12. thanks for the guide dude! i just reinstalled the windows (is ironic how I need to use another OS just for print! x64 need more support! lol )
  13. it cant turn in, says another services need to start first (RPC) but i cant turn RPC on
  14. U can try Seek and Destroy is a good program too
  15. I have very very bad luck in this days, and yeah after trying to find driver for my winxp64 with not luck, i installed a winxp 32 in another HD and when i try to install the printer i got the next msg "print spooler service is unavailible restart ur system for fix the problem" or something like, after i restarted is again the same msg, so i cant install the printer lol ! any ideas? or my windows installation is wrong?
  16. For what i seen before ur scores are a lil low. maybe im wrong but i saw atleast 9.5k with that card, and some 10k, 11k with more cpu oc.
  17. I say the same! mr Fatty will score atleast 2 more goals, and maybe Zidane will say good bye with another goal (he deserve it) Germany vs Brazil should be again the final.
  18. hey there, calm down downlaod and install this thing http://www.download.com/3000-2144-10045910.html that should fix ur problem.
  19. Cant find any drivers, already tried planetamd64 and pages like that, of course canon webpage doestn have any drivers, and when my gf bought the printer in the store the guy says "oh yes is complatible with all the windows" Any ideas?
  20. I just noticed my DVD-RW is "dead" like doesnt have power or something like that, I doubled checked the power conector and everything is fine. The led dont turn on when I start the PC, and of course the drive is like dead. Any ideas? or i just burned my dvd drive somehow.
  21. Ok ill help u. Start reading this: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823 http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=440151 http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=gethowto&...=160&howtoID=61 If u have questions after read all that stuff feel free to ask. Good luck ! this is a fun hobbie enjoy it.
  22. 2gb kit from ocz or gskill
  23. After a few time and some research this are my results on an acrylic Case. Will be better when my new toys arrive!
  24. I was didtn think was a big deal ask for a change with good reasons. sigh
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