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  1. yeah it is, i think they are losing some clients this days
  2. They will cut the prices on 27th I read that on other forums (from a good source).
  3. Any of u know if this Rigs are good for OC ? they use almost every high end pc part availible (except dfi mobo of course ) and they use watercooling, but i never seen anyone OCing one of this machines.
  4. If i have like 7k for free and for drop in a computer! sure ill do that on one of this babies!
  5. I dont know! I know u need like 2-3.5k dollars to buy that rig and build by urself, but pay 2-3k dollars more for have that looks or that cable management is little crazy. Atleast for me is more fun do it by myself.
  6. wow first time I saw a 1GB as minimal req for a game.
  7. I was checking all the pre-build websites. And this one was crazy. The Pcs here are crazy expensive, i really dont care sometimes to pay a lot of money just to have the best. but i dont think a voodoo pc is the best, and pay more than 6k dollars for it is worst. Discuss what u think about it. I was checking overdrive pc and hypersonic as well.
  8. Ok! I reinstalled my OS and the problem is fixed lol !
  9. if u have the cash i can help u to get a amazing home theater ! will rock ur games and music.
  10. 6.2 is good too, 6.6 is good too i just installed .net not the catalist control ....
  11. im using those drivers since relase and never had a problem, 6.5 is worst.
  12. I dont see anything strange there. I tried a System restore, now im getting a "ntoskrnl.exe" error when windows start loading! lol what a luck sounds like the best option is reinstall the OS ?
  13. cant be sure, exactly in wich menu? services? startup ?? i dont really see anything "weird" or something called "Creative" just see one microsoft sound dont know what is that
  14. Thats because u dont have a DFI mobo If u want the best, then u need to be picky:eek:
  15. there are some nices and cheaper 2gb kits on newegg, search for the 1 day offers. U dont really need a 700w PSU, the 600W will be more than enought. I used the x1600 VC in a friend PC and is good, he runs all the games with good quality graphics.
  16. just remember he is not 100% hardcore gamer, so the x1900 will be a better option for him, because the Tv tuner and if he wants to play sometimes the x1900 will do a great job.
  17. Is like i need to delete a file somewhere so i can start run the setup again
  18. The weird problem is, after the setup desinstalled the old version, the creative folder was deleted, so right now I dont have any files or folders with the creative name on it. I have tried Driver Cleaner many times, or tried the setup again, I used the setup from the CD, and tried 3 dif. versions (drivers) and got the same message ""u have previously installed drivers withour rebooting. Please reboot and try again" this is annoying lol i dont want to install again the OS just because of this! but i cant live without sound lol
  19. yeah i used driver cleaner already, and tried again the setup and got the same msg. Im using a audigy ex (first series)
  20. I was updating my drivers, so my setup deleted my previous drivers, and asked me to restart, and when I did, i got this msg "u have previously installed drivers withour rebooting. Please reboot and try again" and that msg is forever. Cant install the drivers now or go back to my old ones. What i should do ?
  21. is prob the ATI. (ati software is trash)
  22. hahahaha that was awesome ExRoadie
  23. ok the problem is fixed, desinstalling and delete everything, installed again and patched, now is working, and level 5 right now! Great game !
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