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  1. I have a short circuit with 1/2 tubbing with a DD pump and I have Great temps. the water travel more faster with short circuit? im pretty sure yeah :D and that helps a lot if u have a great radiatoar, well thats is what i know (im a newbie in WC. )

  2. Are you using a primer first? Something opaque but of a "related" color to the one you are applying on top. I am not sure, I only knew about car paint and that was a long time ago... maybe the case metal doesn't like the paint you are using and the other way around, so the primer will combine both.


    im pretty sure that is the problem. i saw something like that before without using the primer first

  3. Where does Firefox save the cache?


    Like when i see a video online for first time the video start do downloading to my cache, when i saw the video for second time the loading is fastest (because is already on my HD) where i can find those files in my hd??



  4. if ur not OCing right now, get a x2 3800 great price, if ur friend is going to use photoshop, video premiere, 3d max, maya, and those kind of software, then get 4 gb of ram i just build my gf rig with 4gb of ram and runs awesome in those kind of programs. memory get ocz or gskill. hmm u should get a ati all in wonder as video card, those cards hace a small plus in the video edition.

  5. Will temps that high kill my card. I have hear the the x1900 run hot, but I did not think that they got this hot!


    Well i hear many people in the 90s but not the 100s, and if u are using ur fan at 100% then something is very wrong thats crazy high.


    I just read some threads on other forums and yeah some people got like 80-90 when they are using the fan only at 50-60% (because of the noise)


    U dont have any other problem with temps? like ur mobo or ur cpu ?


    I dont think is going to kill ur card, but not sure about the performance and the life lenght

  6. Alright lets try this again- back on topic good recevers and recomended components?


    Anyone of the brands named above are great, they have great models for all the needs.

    I would recommend Onkyo and Denon as the best recievers. Speakers almost every brand have one great model. and of course deppends if u want to pay 50 bucks for 1 pair or 10 000 hehehe.

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