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  1. Hey danzgpgt97 u have any picture of ur work?
  2. I have a short circuit with 1/2 tubbing with a DD pump and I have Great temps. the water travel more faster with short circuit? im pretty sure yeah and that helps a lot if u have a great radiatoar, well thats is what i know (im a newbie in WC. )
  3. im pretty sure that is the problem. i saw something like that before without using the primer first
  4. Thats a great setup, u need HDs now a big ones
  5. Cool thanks a lot, the videos are in .swf format. weird thing.
  6. Where does Firefox save the cache? Like when i see a video online for first time the video start do downloading to my cache, when i saw the video for second time the loading is fastest (because is already on my HD) where i can find those files in my hd?? thanks
  7. U should be fine just changing ur CPU
  8. Get the lanparty ultra D is friendly and a good mobo 600w ocz gamextream should be more than enough
  9. if ur not OCing right now, get a x2 3800 great price, if ur friend is going to use photoshop, video premiere, 3d max, maya, and those kind of software, then get 4 gb of ram i just build my gf rig with 4gb of ram and runs awesome in those kind of programs. memory get ocz or gskill. hmm u should get a ati all in wonder as video card, those cards hace a small plus in the video edition.
  10. so the card worth the money?? can u tell me ur score in 3dmark 06 please ?
  11. well im pretty sure that will help u, if u are using "ati tool" u should lower ur memory volts too, u dont really need that high for run at stock speeds or underclocked. But anyways this is a weird case.
  12. whats ur vgpu at ? u can run at stock speeds at like 1.2v very easy and that will helps with the temps
  13. U tried what Thraxz says? and see if that help to ur temps? is really weird i have the exact vc and my idle temp is 40s and load temp is 55s and before WC was 60s idle and 70-75 load.
  14. Well i hear many people in the 90s but not the 100s, and if u are using ur fan at 100% then something is very wrong thats crazy high. I just read some threads on other forums and yeah some people got like 80-90 when they are using the fan only at 50-60% (because of the noise) U dont have any other problem with temps? like ur mobo or ur cpu ? I dont think is going to kill ur card, but not sure about the performance and the life lenght
  15. Whats ur speed fan at? Room temp?
  16. No u dont need to do that, if u are keeping the same mobo and HD.
  17. I just bought this one http://www.vtechphones.com/vtechui/store/d...1664&parent=215 And i like it, have many cool functions.
  18. I think everyone got the point. Here is on http://www.voodoopc.com/system/quotekitche...?productID=1095 Of the expensive Omen !
  19. My gf and I are Doctors (medicine) so we sleep like 4 hours (max) per day, im used to stay awake almost all the time. U know waiting for someone to call u at 4 am that need a surgery !
  20. If my memory is right the x850 is better, is faster and have more pipelines?
  21. Anyone of the brands named above are great, they have great models for all the needs. I would recommend Onkyo and Denon as the best recievers. Speakers almost every brand have one great model. and of course deppends if u want to pay 50 bucks for 1 pair or 10 000 hehehe.
  22. Onkyo is great for reciever too. but of course Denon is the winner, if u combine with some nakamichi speakers
  23. Yeah I want to buy only the case! but cost like ? 3000 dollars? or something like that lol
  24. this was the guy, still looking for the other thread. http://www.gamespot.com/pages/forums/show_...pic_id=24831563
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