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  1. Im sorry for the question! just want to be sure about spending money on the good stuff asking to the expert people Thanks a lot guys
  2. this mobo? http://www.newegg.com/Product/CustRatingRe...N82E16813136152 and this ram? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820231021 the ram better than a mushkin or ocz ? so this mobo is the perfect match for my ati x1900 xtx and an opty 165 ? thanks
  3. Opteron 165 or AMDX2 3800 ?? I want atleast 2.5 ghz, I will put a Watercooling on it, and yeah still looking for the best mobo, and the best ram for it
  4. easy question (i think) for u guys wich is the best CPU for less than 350 dollars or something like that a opty or a x2 3800 ? and the reasons thankss!
  5. I have already the vc card (x1900 xtx sapphire) and have 2k dollars for the rest. Ok so 2gb in 2 sticks, OCZ ? DDR500? Ok if u can help me i will be thankful. im checking the url u gave me. those projects are awesome. I wish i can make one like that lol
  6. [/url][/img] Ok after made a large research, this is what i want, like the pictures but in blue. Im going for a DFI expert, prob a AMD 3800x2, 2gb of ram (recommend the best please), ATI X1900 XTX 512 mb, 2 HD at 10k rpm, DVDRW, the new Audigy sound card, i need a new psu (i want a modular one, i checked this forum very deep and find that the best modular psu are the OCZ and the hyper modular 580W the hyper modular looks better for what i want, im looking for great performance, thats why im spending lot of money in this project, and of course i want this machine Quiet! 0 noise, looking for a Watercooling (im not expert on that) so i was looking for a Zalman reserator plus 1 just for keep the cpu and gpu cold without noise and the tubes looks nice. so my questions are a few ones: 1. Wich Case can be the best for this project? ATX full case, Cube Case (both in clear version) or go with another case. 2. Wich PSU will be the best for looking and performance (looking for the UV reactive ones or something cool looking like that) 3. Im thinking in Mushkin or OCZ DDR500+ ram, 2gb or 4gb wich model i should get? 4. Water cooling (im a newb on that) should i get Zalman? i read is very easy to install. 5. DFI expert will be my best option? 6. 10k rpm HD wich ones are the best? 7. any other recomendation? Thanks a Lot for the help
  7. I was looking for a acrylic case for make some mods.
  8. ok after a few research my options are DFI expert AMD X2 3800 ATI X1900 XTX memory ram (still looking for the best one) anyone have experience with this water cooling kit? i hear many good things should i buy it? is 250 dollars
  9. 122 dollars for an ultra-D vs 180 dollars for an Expert worth it ?
  10. Thanks now i now my vc is good. not i need to worry about the ram Mushkin eXtreme Performance 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR 500 (PC 4000) is one of the best options?
  11. so a Hiper Modular Type-R 580W Power Supply can be a good option for me? because im looking for wire cable control and noisless thanks again
  12. my ATI x1900 xtx will run fine with this mobo? any other brand with wire cable control like the ultra psu ? i need 550W ? or higher? Thanks
  13. Thanks for look at this post I have a AMD X2 3800 Mushkin eXtreme Performance 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR 500 (PC 4000) Sapphire ATI X1900 XTX 512 MB Western 120 GB HD SONY 16x Dual layer DVDRW i have a 520W PSU not the best brand, prob will get a ULTRA X2 X-CONNECT 550W MODULAR PSU Well my question is easy, i want the best mobo for this hardware, looking for small overcloking, just to put my cpu, my ram, and my vc, to overkill my games (oblivion, bf2, fear) thanks for the help, maybe a noob question, but im trying to learn.
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