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  1. Im using G skill here, OC very nice And DFI mobo love it
  2. Running at 3.0ghz finally, at 1.4v Idle temp is 30-30ish, Full load temp in prime95, or after 2 hours of oblivion was 40-44C. Is good? Or Should I lower my cpu speed? Everything is stable at the moment (no crash, 0 errors on prime, more than 7k points in 3dmark 06, occt, etc.
  3. Lol ya I was surprised, 2ghz, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 no crashes! no errors! 3.0ghz is tempting me! Yeah just ordered like 1 1/2 month ago from newegg!
  4. Thanks Dude, yeah is time to play like mad after this long long work lol And yeah I think this opty have more juice in it. 0 problems at all in many programs (prime, etc) and is -39 C at 1.35v But is time to stop lol and enjoy my system. Thanks to all the people that helped me! this is my first OC and im happy
  5. Im having great time with x64, the only problem I had was finding my digital camera drivers, but planetamd64 have a great support with the drivers. And I see a better performance and a lil push up on the benchmarks.
  6. I fixed the problem (was a driver conflict) now this machine is running like hell :angel: lol Just got 6556 in 3DMARK 06 awesome finally after 1 1/2 month I can play non-stop happy
  7. OK got more now after many attemps SM2: 2626 HDR/SM3 2825 CPU 2161 Total 6556
  8. Ok my problem is fixed, was a problem with the driver and with the temps, now I got 6450 with the cpu running at 2.8
  9. I think is not only 3dmark 06, dunno why my ati tool is crashing and crashing, and in the other hand (prime,memtest, etc) are great. Any ideas?
  10. Ok I started to OC my Opty 165 like the thread says, and i was stable at 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, even 2.7 didnt tried higher so I stopped at 2.6, with Ram running at 260 mhz, prime 95, OCCT, memtest, passed. So I introduced to the ATItool at first i was able to OC my core clock/memory opened the 3D view and getting 450-550 fps (6.5 cat drivers) after 1 week I tried 3DMARK 06 and got 5150 points I compared with people with similar machines and they got more than 6k so i was wondering why, i compared each test, my cpu was getting more than them, but my vc was bad. Now when i try to open de 3d view on ati tool my pc freeze, and right now is on stock speed, and the same happens, tried to lower the VGPU voltage and nothing, some times my 3dmark 06 freeze the pc too, and right now im getting 4.5k points (very sad) I need Help!, some Advice please, im lost here
  11. Im having weird problems my vc at first got like 6.5k points with 2.5 ghz OC cpu, now is really got, i lowered my cpu, glitches, artifacts, tried 3 drivers (6.3, 6.4, 6.5) I dont know what to do
  12. My cpu is getting like 2200+ but my SM2 scores are low, HDR/SM3 is low too
  13. my gpu is oc, is very weird how can i get that score
  14. I got 5200 points, and i see people with a XTX sapphire get a lot more
  15. Hey there, im trying the 3DMArk 06 and im wondering the results, i think is to low for the system i got. Post Some Results here or give me some advice please im running at 290x9 (2.6) and gpu 700/800
  16. Im in south of Texas, and the temps outside are crazy, my room dont have A.C (atleast is not on) what should be my normal temps (cpu, mb, vc, etc) right now at 2.6 im getting like 38-40 iddle, like 45-48 playing some hardcore thing prime 95 is stable for me, but i think my temps are a little high but the weather outside dont help me at all.
  17. Hey guys How is the gpu OC going for u? and what about the temp? im running at 720/830 (worked at 730/900 to hot) and my temp are 58-75 C
  18. Ok Update HTT: 290 multi 9x 2.6 ghz ram running at 260 mhz 3,4,4,8 by the way, sorry for my noob question but how i can know my stepping?
  19. Right now i have HTT 270 Multi 9x FSB:DRAM cpu/100 memory running at 243.1 my temps are good, already passed prime95, and other stuff, and played for many hours (far cry, fear, oblivion, hl2) no problems at all. My gpu is oc to 720 mhz right now and my memory is at 900 mhz so is crazy, my reserator is doing a great job with the cooling. I think i can push my opty a lot more, maybe 2.8 or something like that Any advice guys?
  20. ciberfog


    Anyone have the link for driver cleaner program? Thanks
  21. Ok 4 hours of prime, 0 errors I love this cpu
  22. Update: This is going great. now my multi is at: 9x and my HTT is at: 270. cpu atm: 2430 and memory is in fsb/10 at 243 Cpu temp 36C (this cooling rocks)
  23. The performance increase will be awesome with the x1900 xtx, and yeah the Ati Fan is louder at high speed. and for the power the card need 450-500v atleast, for the hardware u have u should upgrade ur psu
  24. Sorry for my poor english I hope u guys can understand me
  25. I have problems so Far my current temps are 60-65 C (gpu) and the ati program says 85-90 C I checked with many programs and my temps are 60-65 Weird bug? Other than that Oblivion was good for 3 hours
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