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  1. Im using the DD Tyee as water block in my x1900 xtx (sapphire) is OC to 780/1750 always was running at 30s at idle and 40-50s at full load only 1.38v on my vgpu.


    But since yesterday my idle temp jumped to 50s and my load temps is in the 90s and just right now hit the 100s ! with titan quest ! thanks god not was oblivion lol !


    I checked almost everything.

    air bubbles, leeks

    hmmm no idea what is going on. my cpu temps are normal.

  2. Ok i have winxp 64 bits


    I wanted to see some movies in my HD TV using the avivo in my x1900 xtx


    So I started from 0, Installed the .Net 2.0 installed the CCC 6.6 installed the VDM drivers and im not sure how this works, when i try to enable my second monitor i cant, i try to expand the desktop and i cant.

    Now even my CCC cant start, i have atitool running. I disable my ati services before, now i tried to enable them again, and didtn work.

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