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  1. Well im getting video signal from my Wii and from my ps3, but looks like crap, and have that ERROR on DScaler, i dont know maybe with another software? or im missing to install some drivers?
  2. Hey thanks for the replys I Downloaded DScaler and Installed the VDM drivers (x64) from ATIs Webpage, and I got the "ERROR Cant load hardware driver, possibly caused by corrupt installation. Reboot and try again" this on DScaler program.
  3. Hey thanks for look im using X64 OS I want to use my AV and S-video Conectors on my Video card, i want to play some consoles on my monitor using my PC I need some kind of software or drivers? the ones in the ATI website didtn work, because my OS I guess. I hope u guys can help me out
  4. anyone know whats the highest level for the game??
  5. There are already games that use multi cores, very few prob when the 80%+ of the people got a double core cpu
  6. hmm did u use some kind of mod in WOW ?? this problem is very normal when u use some "add" sometimes the graphics just mess up or the sound, if u did that try to desintall the UI or make a "reloadui" that will help.
  7. is there a omega for x64 yet ?
  8. Im using the DD Tyee as water block in my x1900 xtx (sapphire) is OC to 780/1750 always was running at 30s at idle and 40-50s at full load only 1.38v on my vgpu. But since yesterday my idle temp jumped to 50s and my load temps is in the 90s and just right now hit the 100s ! with titan quest ! thanks god not was oblivion lol ! I checked almost everything. air bubbles, leeks hmmm no idea what is going on. my cpu temps are normal.
  9. u should get a opty 165 or a 170 i dont know if that will be cheaper or not.
  10. Well for me was like the game without the first patch, crashes, and weird stuff. but i really want to try it and get a better loot
  11. como que ya se salieron del tema todos jajaja
  12. italian 100% spanish 100% french 100% english 50% japanesse 80% latin 90% german 50% grammar and speaking
  13. nice pic!! i want to play that! i love the blood
  14. bah 1.11 worked pretty bad for me! lot of problems i wanted to try that new loot table lol
  15. this is what AG was waiting? or still need to use .net ?? =(
  16. Ok i have winxp 64 bits I wanted to see some movies in my HD TV using the avivo in my x1900 xtx So I started from 0, Installed the .Net 2.0 installed the CCC 6.6 installed the VDM drivers and im not sure how this works, when i try to enable my second monitor i cant, i try to expand the desktop and i cant. Now even my CCC cant start, i have atitool running. I disable my ati services before, now i tried to enable them again, and didtn work.
  17. yup they are. http://www.zalmanusa.com/
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