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  1. THANK YOU! That is all I needed to know! :cool:
  2. Yeah it seems to get worse the more I have my comp turned on. I think my temps are alright, the CPU is going up to about 50c maximum when playing games. I'm not going to run MEMTEST all day just to find out my RAM is fine, I have a degree to work on. I'm thinking of clearing my CMOS, because I didn't do so when I upgraded to this OCZ RAM. BUT I DUNNO HOW TO DO IT! Everyone keeps posting how great it is, but no one actually says HOW to do it properly. Do I turn off my PC, put the jumper to clear, then wait a while. AND THEN put it BACK to normal BEFORE booting? I really have no idea and it doesn't tell me in the manual which came with this board. Can anyone please help me out here?
  3. Don't understand what you said there mate. I think I'm gonna just turn off my PC, keep the power on and put the jumper to clear CMOS. Then I'm gonna go food shopping, and when I get back I'll set it back to normal and then boot my PC - is that alright ? And how do I know that it's been cleared ?
  4. It looks like I already have that Microsoft hotfix done (that thing in the registry), I couldn't see a patch to download from there. That AMD Opteron Patch link didn't work but I managed to find the page, but what do I need out of all these patches and utilities?
  5. I don't understand how to clear the CMOS, there are too many different methods! Do I need to have the PSU plugged in and turned on when I move the jumper to clear, and how long do I keep that jumper there? Do I have to boot up my comp with the jumper still set to 'clear' or just set it back to normal before booting ?! Can someone explain the easiest method to me please? WITHOUT having to take out the battery, I don't trust myself doing that. THANKS! =)
  6. It's not just BF2, it'll happen in CS source as well, really stuttering after a while. I'm gonna run that memtest thing for a while though I dunno how to read it, what do I do? edit - I just ran memtest for 36 minutes and it cleared the first test with 0 errors, so I'm thinking the RAM is alright. I think I might try clearing my CMOS. to do that, I know I have to put that jumper to the other settings and leave it for a few hours (will leave it over night), but do I have to keep the mboard powered at the time of changing the jumper AND whilst I leave it to clear cmos? Or should I turn off the PSU ?
  7. I'm using the stock OC on the video card. I ran 3dmark06 and got a pretty bad score, but that was whilst messing about with other OC settings so I can't blame it there. What is this dual core patch? Can you throw me a link please?
  8. This is really strange. When I first installed BF2, the game was stuttering soooo bad that it was unplayable. I went to BIOS, increased the voltage to 4.75 (was 4.25) which DID fix the stuttering at first, but after a while it began stuttering again. I now now have CPU control vid at 1.55v and for a long time it's fine but after a long while things really begin to stutter and it's really pi$$ing me off. I dunno much about OC'ing, but I'm running at 295x9 and 3x multiplier on the other thing and DRAM freq ratio of 150. LDT voltage at 1.3v (i think) and RAM voltage at 2.9v Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?
  9. My PC doesn't want to boot on any DRAM Freq Ratio lower than 140mhz ! :confused: at the moment I'm on 295x9 (2.65ghz) and DRAM Freq Ratio is set to 150mhz and it now displays in CPU-Z that I have RAM Frequency of 221.1mhz and FSB : DRAM of CPU/12 (though I have no idea what that means). Is this all ok?! :confused:
  10. With the old tacky RAM I was using (2x512mb PC3200) I OC'd my Opteron 165 @ 2.6ghz (260x9) with a DRAM freq ratio of 133. However, I have just bought this new OCZ gold dual channel 2x1gb PC3200 kit (catches breath) I went back to optimal settings and it was fine, but almost always when I tried to OC again, it would get to the part where it would normally say Backup CMOS .... OK but didn't display that, just the rest of it text above it, and then reboot. What I'd have to do was turn off the PSU, unplug it for a few seconds, then boot it back up and now it's fine. I'm a bit of a noob at all this OC'ing business, but have got my Opteron to 2.7 and it seems pretty stable. However, I only touch a few things, I put that one multiplier to 3x (was told to), put the core multiplier to 9x (high as it goes), set the CPU vid control voltage to 1.525v, put the LDT voltage to 1.3v and set the DRAM voltage to 2.9v HTT is set at 300 but I dunno what to set my DRAM freq ratio at !? It's currently on 140 and it seems to like booting from that, but if I open CPU-Z, ion the memory tab, Frequency and FSB : DRAM are blanked out! :confused: Can someone advise me on what I should stick my DRAM freq ratio too? It's the only thing I've touched in the DRAM genie bios settings. Any feedback would be appreciated, THANKS!
  11. ever since I put my new RAM in (OCZ GOLD dual channel 2x1GB PC3200), it's been a pain to OC my Opteron. Where it should usually say 'backup CMOS' it wouldn't and would just restart, so I'd have to fully shut down wait a while then it'd work - weird At the moment my 165 is @ 2.61 (290x9) I think my RAM frequency ratio is set to 140mhz, but when I open up CPU-Z it's blanked out where it usually says that - anyone know why?!
  12. OK, I put back to optimised, set the DRAM voltage to 2.8v as it says that is what it is on the OCZ site and my comp runs fine. However, trying to get back to 290x9 which I had before is quite tricky. I had to go up in little steps otherwise where it would normally saying 'saving to CMOS' or whatever it says (I forgot), it wouldn't show it, and would then restart my machine. And also, I'd usually have to shutdown, take the power cord out the back of the PSU, wait a while, reconnect and then boot and it'd work. At the moment I'm on 269x9 but whenever I try and go any higher it wont say 'saving to CMOS' again and will restart my machine. I tried my complete power off trick, but that didn't work either. the DRAM freq ratio is at 133mhz and its multiplier is 3x. I also set the CPU voltage to 1.475 I also turned up the LDT voltage to 1.3v edit - I just tested it would stay alright if I kept the settings the same. So I just rebooted and didn't enter BIOS and it's booted fine again can someone lend a hand here? thanks
  13. My new dual channel OCZ GOLD 2x1gb PC3200 kit just came and I need some advice. What voltage does this RAM run at? It's only in a little packet and doesn't say. Also, should I but all my OC settings back to normal before inserting this new stuff? Thanks in advance
  14. yeah but microdirect was the best. (Stuff is expensive in the UK). I will go ahead and order that OCZ gold, thanks for the advice guys ARGH! Microdirect wont let me post to different address than my billing address! Pain in the butt, ah well - I'll get it soon enough
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