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  1. Yeah , have to agree spent a couple of arvo's lapping the base of my artic Cooler pro and it certainly made a big difference to the temps(dropped by about 7*-I forget how to make the degree symbol-old age)

    You really don't know how rough it really is until you start lapping, but at least its flat.

  2. I have just put together the rig and I must say that I read your forums and how to build many times and followed them to the letter and it was a very painless experience when I built it( ie no hassles). Should have changed the Northbridge Chipset Fan ( noisy little bludger) but the missus was a bit leary and we have to keep the cook happy!

    I am very happy with the expert, was going with the CFX3200, but have had mixed fortunes with the ULI chipset(Asrock 939) , also I don't trust Nvidia to do the right thing with drivers as far as an ATi chipped motherboard goes( paranoid I suppose).

    Anyway great forum, thanks again from downunder.

  3. As I am considering this motherboard, I have done a search but have been unable to find whether this CPU cooler(pro 64) will fit.

    I know it fits the DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D, but can find no info for this board.

    I have had this A8v and its instability, but I am a bit apprehensive about this board after what I have read.


    Thanks for your help



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