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  1. So today ended up being foggy so I let it run on Prime95 all day. 24 hours, 20 minutes - 0 errors, 0 warnings VICTORY! :nod: Ok, so that's a little over the top, but at least I feel good knowing it was just a bad board. I'll see how it OCs later. I think it's time to change the thread title to [Revolved]. All well that ends well. P.S. I have to say that once I contacted DFI for the RMA, they were very prompt. I was seriously spooked off DFI by the bad board, but they've won me back with easy, prompt, quality customer service.
  2. OK, so maybe I'll just let it go overnight. 24 hours stable is my normal test for stable OC, but it will be too warm tomorrow to let it run stressed in a hot garage. I don't want to cook the thing to death.
  3. I got a new board from DFI this afternoon. I got it on the bench, put in all the parts you see in my sig, and fired it up. IT LIVES!!!!!!!!! :angel: Needless to say, I'm happy. I'm Prime95ing the board and parts at stock speeds with defaults settings right now. I want 24 hours with no errors before I'll declare final victory. I have to say that was fast turn around on the RMA. They got it Tues. and I had the board back the following Wed. with a holiday in there as well. More later.
  4. According to UPS, my board arrived late this morning at the DFI docks in Hayward, CA. I'm interested to see what the turn around time will be before they have it back in the mail to me. According to DFI policy (as I understand it), they now have 10 working days to resolve the issue and send me back something.
  5. Emailed for an RMA number today; Donna replied within 4 hours. I submitted my forms by email after 5:00 PST. I'm hoping for a number tommorrow and to send the thing off. Edit 5/19/06: Had an RMA # before 9:00am PST today. It's going off via UPS before 5:00pm today. I'll update when the RMAed board returns.
  6. Thanks for the heads up on Aida32. Unfortunatently, I'm trying to find the revision number for a board that will not POST. Hopefully, I'm getting an RMA number tomorrow and I'll send it off. Maybe the board I get back will have the sticker where it's supposed to be.
  7. Nope. no dice there, but good thought. I think I'm going with missing. But I did check the back of the board, just in case. Thanks for the replies.
  8. That's strange. I have no stickers on any of the expansion slots save the serial number sticker on the PCIe1 slot. I bought the board in early April this year. Anyone one know what the revision is likely to be, assuming it's not from old stock?
  9. The question is there in the title. I've looked and looked, but even with my glasses on and even clean :eek: , I can't seem to find it. A little help?
  10. OK, point taken; I don't know everything. However, I can find no evidence that the bag I have is conductive in any way; this assumes that my multi-meter is fully functional, which it seems to be. In any case, the board has not operated correctly whether the board has been mounted in a case or as described in my first post, with or without the bag. Thanks for the link. Pursuing RMA now.
  11. No POST = No BIOS update I've never been able to flash this board. No, I'm done with this board. I've been at this for a month. RMA help please.
  12. So the board won't even POST now, so I can't even try a new BIOS. I need help with an RMA for this board. Where do I start with DFI?
  13. Thanks for the info. And don't worry the bag. If DFI packaged their products in conductive bags, you and I never would be having this conversation because everyone in the world would say "DFI who?". You know what the worst thing is, this isn't even a rig for me! It's for my brother-in-law (wife's bro) who's also a good friend. He's been really understanding about the whole thing, but I kind of feel like a chump after sagely telling him "I'll get you the one of best mobo's out there!" I guess the odds finally caught up to me. After a 100+ parts, one of them had to be DOA (or seem to be).
  14. I'm going to assume you're just messing with me or just being silly. :nod: I'll have to remember that one to use on N00bs I really don't like. I can just see it now . . . Rike: Watch out, your ANTI-STATIC bag your expensive electronic components came wrapped in is actually ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE! N00b: Really? OK, I’ll be careful. Rike: Also, remember to shuffle feet on the carpet while wearing big bunny slippers and then touch your motherboard. The more times you spark your motherboard, the faster your computer will be when you’re done building it. N00b: Wow! Thanks for the tips. Rike: No problem. I just like helping. On topic, I haven't been able to get to that BIOS update yet. Too many other things going on. I should be able to update Wed night.
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