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  1. I confirm the results of guys. My OCZ 4000 gold are able to reach only 255 MHz. At 250 I am able to do 3-3-3-7 but even at 200 MHz I am not able to do CAS 2.5. Very good plug&play pair of dimms but very poor as overclockers.
  2. I have C&Q disabled and I tried with and without RMClock. Whatever FSB I setup, resuming after standby it goes always to 193 MHz. I tried also in an XP x64 clean and new OS, without anything installed and the problem is the same. I think it is a bug of bios. Bye,
  3. Hello, I tested both bios 0406 official and 0406 BTA but when the PC resumes from stand-by, it goes always to 193 MHz of FSB. Before standby was at 240 MHz. Can you check if you have this problem (a bios bug) or if a problem of my configuration. Thanks and bye,
  4. ShoNuff....I confirm, my processor was completely submerged in pure acetone for 16 hours. It worked like a charm. Yesterday night I tested the processor and it works perfectly: 7-10 C° less than before.
  5. I am really crazy, guys! I scalped an FX60 this morning! My way: - I put the processor upside down in a small glass bottle, completely covered by pure acetone. I left there about 16 hours at about 25 C°. - I removed the 2 blades from a disposable shaver of my wife. The blades are very thin and flexible, one side only sharpenned. - I put the processor on a conductive foam used to store chips. - From one corner I inserted the blade and I cut the sealing material like a warm knife in the butter. - I inserted a small screwdriver (used in the past to repair watches) and with a little leverage I opened the easter egg Reading this 3d I get a wrong impression: for me was extremely easy but everybody says I have surgeon hands........ I covered the components around the core with a teflon tape, normally used in hydraulic pipe junctions. This to be sure that my Zalman 9500 did not make short contacts. This night I will switch on the PC, crossing everithing...........
  6. Same garbage here just before Windows logon with Cat 6.4. I think these drivers forget to clear the video memory buffers and as soon as they are enabled during windows booting, the screen shows the random status of video memory when it is powered up. It is also a matter of how motherboard bios inits the video card, as these garbages are not seen with Cat 6.4 in an Asus A8N-E. Bye,
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