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  1. Yep. I've tried window's default, uli unified 2.2 from nvidia's site and the one's from the cd which are 2.14. All yield the same transfer speeds. I've tried changing settings in the uli config but nothing seems to work. Maybe it's some kind of compatibility problem??
  2. It seems the problem has to do with the writing speed to the usb device. When reading from usb device, speeds are identical to those seen on the intel chipset. I've replicated this behavior with a usb pen drive. Writing speeds are only a third of what is seen on the intel board.
  3. When I transfer files from my board to the sony PSP, i notice slower performance than when using my other rig with an intel chipset. PSP writing transfers at around 5000 Kbytes/s (roughly 40Mbps) with the intel, while with the CFX it only transfers at around 1700 kbytes/s. What could be the problem??
  4. Not entirely true. What has been said ever since is that all cards except x1300 and x1600 require a master edition card. This has changed with catalyst 6.11 to include x1900 and x1950 crossfire support via software. Notice performance is a bit less in software mode compared to a setup that uses a master card.
  5. I guess it only applies for the x1900 and x1950 cards. It does not say there's support for x1800 cards.
  6. I think you guys are relying on old info. Look at this thread: http://rage3d.com/board/showthread.php?t=33873708
  7. My bad. Keyboard works, but if you go into the bios before loading windows on a cold boot the freezing does not happen. Again, dfi please fix this...
  8. I think this freezing issue is bios related. People with this problem, do you notice if your usb keyboard works after a cold boot? Mine definetly does not. After a warm reset it works fine. DFI please fix this.
  9. Same thing happens to me. Although i get freezes or reboots after a cold start. Don't have the ULI bug btw.
  10. The swiftech mcw30??(sp) works fine. It comes with the apex ultra kit.
  11. So is there a solution to the cold boot freeze??
  12. You should be closer to 9000 marks. With crossfire you can't have the x-fi on its own irq. Just put it on pci slot 2 and it will share irq 18 with your crossfire master card. It should work fine, as it does for me. The INT grouping is just that, a grouping. You can't take the x-fi out of the INT group. Hope that helps.
  13. It seems it always tests the entire memory. I think this board has never quick posted
  14. It seems it could be the wireless card causing problems. I have heard of bsods on a certain brand. Might try to use your PC without the card, or try another brand.
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