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  1. I'm very interested. Currently on mobile but can possibly pay today after a little more review on my desktop.
  2. You know I have not found that burnt solder point on that card. Its been trucking along here as the main card in my rig since I got everything put back together a few weeks ago. Had it running in my backup rig for about a month no issues. This proves my anal-attentiveness lol. I freaked out so hard when it happened. I'm glad it's running for you well!
  3. Hello All. I still have ONE card left. Thank you Lucky for buying one.
  4. Nearly two month BUMP! Cards still available!
  5. Wolfrider did not get back to me, and i do not know the full courtesy here in order of buyers. I guess fair would be whoever PM's me first between the three of you for the price of $155 each as EuroFight stated i would gladly sell to.
  6. Wolfrider, Shipping to Germany would be $25 shipping, and that's with a Flat Rate USPS. I'm an idiot for not thinking about overseas when posting Free shipping, but willing to work out something if you'd like. Overall i'm just happy to do without ebay where i'd sell for $145 and get charged an insane amount of fees. PM me if you'd like to come to discuss some options.
  7. Bump. Anyone still interested?
  8. Not a problem Slick2500, it'll be here for you as i decided to forgo ebay.
  9. Listed on ebay unfortunately for $120. Slick2500, have any interest still?
  10. Cchalogamer, Not a problem. This is excellent experience on how to handle testing functionality. I'm still a novice seller/buyer here so the more tools the better. Be that as it may i have provided three reports from GPU-Z, as the cards have been in my system all this time(as shown in the original picture). I apologize for not detailing which is which, however i'd imagine the two same BIOS reflect the newer cards, as oppose to the older individual Vapor-X being its sole BIOS. Here are the links for reference: http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/mg2df/ http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/bcp5m/ http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/5m9mm/ I should have posted the Vapor-X here sooner as we are all educated enough to make our own decisions. Hell, thanks to Andrew05 i have a great new motherboard, that while it has no sound and some sata issues, i found a working sata port! lol Thanks again all, Anthony
  11. Slick2500, I actually have a Vapor-X, but it brushed against the case while on, and caused cosmetic damage. Tried to sell it numerous times, but a solder point got a little burnt causing buyers to beware. Sucks as i'd be willing to let it go for $130 as well, but noone believes me that it still works fine.
  12. I could completely utilize these cards in lieu of the electricity cost, but i am thinking longterm, and not short term, hence why i sold the 7970 here not too long ago. Gotta keep cost of "business" low
  13. ComputerEd, Absolutely. However, i am a CryptoCurrency miner, and the 750ti's(Nvidia's) with the maxwell architecture will garner more more yields per Hashes. I am thinking about the bottom-line, not performance during gaming. Electricity is a big factor for a miner.
  14. Price lowered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. **********PRICE LOWERED********************* ONE STILL Available! Hi again all, I am hoping to sell two ONE newly acquired R9 270x's in hopes of fully migrating to a 750 Ti setup and/or future maxwells. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814202063 is the model. I received these very recently from BNH photo but quickly learned what Summer + Mining mean, and had to resort to: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BoxRpkXCQAAy0Ie.jpg:large Yes, they are ziptied. I have been able to maintain these under 80 degrees consistently, but am fighting a losing battle. $130 each, S&H included. Thank you, Anthony **********PRICE LOWERED********************* Note: Thank you slick for the purchase of the Vapor-X edition!
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