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  1. You just need more cooling. BTW, I have the same stepping 165, and well, that's right where I'm at, just over 2.9 or so. Currently I'm at the same settings for cpu multi and ram divider, and I can mess with it around 1.45v or so between an HTT of 313 and about 320, but can't get orthos to survive long enough at much over 315-316. I have considered going lidless, but dammit, I love my 165.:eek:
  2. Not the best overclocking memory, but some of the best low-latency DDR400 memory available for about $100US. If you buy today, you get a $20 rebate off the 120 dollar price. FREE SHIPPING. Check it out, 2GB TwinX kit, $120, $100 with rebate (today only)
  3. ...found by the two rules. Rule 1: these ones rock: CCBBE 0605 CCBBE 0610 CCBBE 0617 CCB1E 0605 CCB1E 0607 CCB1E 0608 CCBWE= not too good, unless one of the rare models listed in the link above Rule 2: CCBBE = Best all-around at high clocks for low volts, best for aircooling CCB1E = Best scalability for extreme overvolt with watercooling, but runs hotter than CCBBE clock for clock CCBWE Generally avoid if you want more overclock than 15%, but great for Peltier because no coldbug = CCBWE
  4. ....it's really all about what Antec does with those 12v rails in those models. Judging from some extensive pushing of an Antec TruePowerII 480 in my own rig, the TPII type design is sound, and provides very stable power. However, the curve for stability with a Venice or Sandy in the socket is VERY different than the same curve with a powerhog like the Opty x2 series. While power is rock stable on the 12v no matter how much load is on the CPU and RAM with a single core, the power-hungry dualcore suffers on the 12v rail when you get up into the 2.7-2.8 range. Interestingly, the 3.3v rail flutters with all 3 optys I've tested when you get over 2.8 as well with this PSU. How they approach the design of these features of the PSU and the power division by rail on the whole will determine the success or failure in heavy-watt overclocking. Judging from my tests, they don't have far to go with the standard models and I'm really curious about their ways around the obvious problems of modular designs.
  5. Dude, that is painful for all of us reading this thread. Here, this will help cure the pain in the future:
  6. Well, like most stories that sound too good to be true, this one is too... 336 is a typo... TWO THIRTY SIX (236) is the speed. Also, I think vDimm tops out at 2.9, so no BH5 extreme overvolting either. Still damn good bang for the buck.
  7. ...on the rig behind me that I'm building for a kid Christmas present. O/C options suck (yeah, it's not a DFI or anything!) but here's what I've managed so far 336 x12 = 2832Mhz on a stock Athlon64 PIB HSF w/ASC I had laying around RAM is at 1:1 full speed 336MHz, 2.5-3-2-5, 1T Voltages are CPU at +5.x% (max possible in BIOS) and vDIMM at 2.7 with OCZ 2x512 performance 2-3-3-6 Copper (non EL) sticks. not anything like my S939 rigs, but for cheap bang for the buck, you can't beat this combo.... and the board has (cheap but so what) onboard 1GB LAN and AC97 audio. Great second machine or kid machine board! Highly recommended for that non-bleeding edge machine
  8. Never believe CPU-Z screenshots like that. Take the CPUZ verification ID number and plug it into their database to see the real stats. (See the link in my sig, for example.) No way to fake that one.
  9. ...and I've never had any trouble with stock settings (~200mhz) with any of the 4 BIOSs or 4 different 939 CPUsthat I've run with them installed. Try the suggestions in the thread linked in Happy's post, and if you decide to switch BIOS and flash with something different, know up front that I have the best overclocks and best stability over 215MHz with the 0406 stock DFI Bios, though Tony's (aka BigToe) 0406 (not the same thing despite the number) was close with these Corsair Dont try to run 2-x-x-x latency... start with 2.5 and give the voltage a bump to 2.7v with added .03 enabled. Spec voltage for most Corsair 1GB modules is 2.75v.
  10. It's not the number of views that concerns me about the idea of effective marketing (e.g. breaking even +) of these mousepads... it's that my vote in the poll pegs in at roughly 100 votes.
  11. yes, I know... but after 20 years of being told "HEY, you look like CAMERON from Ferris Beuhler's Day Off!" or worse "you know THAT guy, Ferriss'sss FRIEND", I thought I'd stay true to form.
  12. ...BAD Will Hunting. Here are the realities 1- Yes, I am a classic under-achiever, but not as bad as the Matt Damon character in that movie... 2- My name is not Will, though I've been called that online for many years now. 3- I use the name on every site that I do message forums on, so yes, to my knowledge, there is only one BadWillHunting. 4- Ferris Beuhler Rocks: That should be clear as mud.
  13. ...where you could buy an A64 (754) 3200 CPU and get a DFI NF3 AGP board for free for about 100 US dollars. Check it out under clearance... I think there is a thread in recommendations here at the street on it too. I bought one of those 100 dollar combos for my nephew for a box to build for him for Christmas. A LOT of bang for the buck. PS you could get 2 other boards for free too, but who wants an ASROCK or crappy model ASUS when you can get a DFI?
  14. If you want to put them on the Mainboard ICs, search these forums for a thread with infared heat pics of the various DFI NF4 boards. Find the one for your board and sink every chip around that shows up as way hot on the infared pics. Some are out of the way and you'd never expect them to be hot but.... This is the best way to cool the most important ICs first. you start with the hottest ones, and this is the best way to know.
  15. ...so we see what they shipped CCBBE 0610MPMW (awesome) early... CCBWE 0608MPMW (mediocre) later. CCBWE 0608MPMW arrived here yesterday. no time to test it for a while. No complaints here as long as it does at least 2.5GHz. I paid nearly 100 dollars more for my "Guaranteed" good OC CCBBE 0617... ...that's a 45%+ premium just for an extra 350MHZ or so, which is only ~15% increase in speed. CCBBE 0608MPMW doesn't have to OC too good at 230 bucks shipped to be the price to performance leader.
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