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  1. hey MDSarcasm, i have a similar sit to yours, started thread couple days ago: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?p=478140 this problem seems to me is not rare (there are links in the thread above). however from what i saw there is no common connection, different mobos etc... try to check other ram sticks to rull on the ones you got, i'm gonna borrow. if not the ram it's either the cpu (mem controller) or the mobo. i'm sorry but there doesn't seem to be a bias to either.
  2. waiting to hear what was the problem in your rig. wish i had a 939 MB and CPU to do the same but alas....
  3. hey one addition, is there anyway to test the cpu mem controller through a progeam or such. since is wasn't talked about i'm assuming it's no dice, right ?
  4. hey RGone thanx for your post and all the info. by your response i think you mistook my tone of voice from my written words. i didn't mean to diss this forum in any way. i ment my words as sort of praise to support forums. in my mind they are really helpfull, for me at least in helping out with different problems many times in the past. that said i ain't in no way expecting a golden solution or impatient for one. heck, i always figure that i will have to take my hardware back to my vendors. but of course using these forums is a good 1st option -- less leg work :-)) after all this isn't my first system and i know . happens all the time, that's life. at least in this case the system actually works for now, so its all good, kinda... like i said i'll get the system checked out cause i don't have replacement i can use/borrow (except ram which i will try to see if maybe they are no good somehow). i appreciate your suggestions for replacement hardware but i'm a little strapped so thats off the table, but still thanx. the only thing i can think of that might have screwd my system is a power spike/blackout when i wasn't home. i got a current stabilizer but you never know. ran a few benches and games and the system appears stable with its mem in single channel for now. still seems like a freak thing to happen like that in my opinion, but the hell to i know. well once i get my system fixed i'll post back which device went on me, maybe it will help others. all appreciated guys, tmwnn
  5. whackattack, i've read your post and it is frustrating that these forums aren't helping cause they usually come through. this situation may require to PM some users 1 on 1 to get their results i think, but i want to run this to "standard posting" before bugging people. to answer your guys questions i am using auto settings in the bios. i tried loosening the timings and force 2T but made no difference. by what i read i don't think it's a bios issue because it can't be connected to a specific bios. but then again it can't be connected to a specific motherboard type or company OR a certain CPU (although all amd of course). now i know of rgone post that explained the slot allocations in DFI nf4 boards. 2 yellow or 2 orange for double. top yellow and orange for sinlge OR 1 in top orange or yellow. for me all single channel configs work. dual channel config worked on orange for more than 6 months, and now NOT. if anybody RMA either CPU or MB and found replacing only one solved his problem that would indicate one of these as the problematic device. if though RMA them both than, well.... also i have checked timings of each module in memtest and they were the same. question has to be asked to someone with technical info if the cpu or mb can loose dual channel support like that. i've written tech support but sadly have not heard from them, disappointing. re EdLSmith: i i'm patient, i mean i still can run in single channel so i'm kinda of o.k. for now. keep giving your input, any little help.
  6. hey guys, thanx for your input. well MANY people have posted dual channel related problems similar to mine and seufari. although my problem was there before updating the bios so i don't believe that caused it. i didn't clear CMOS cause i didn't overclock AND it didn't help nobody with this problem. wanted to see responses first. the thing is in all posts i've seen nobody came back and posted what WAS the problem so we could see if the is a common colprit. what gets me is that the dual channel "support" can just crap out like that after six months. i didn't change ANYTHING, it just went. i'm no noob but no expert either, i can see things dying on me but this is weird in my mind, isn't it ? my personal conclusion from previous posts is most likely a MB malfunction of sorts. second would be the CPU cause i also saw posts similar with other boards not DFIs. but is there another option for this puzzling failure?
  7. my problem started a couple of days ago. my system was working fine for months till now. i've read many similar posts but i didn't see any bottom line. the problem is quite simple: system won't post in dual channel. put two sticks in farthest from the cpu, no problems - runs single channel, run memtest for hours got 0 errors. no problem with 1 stick either. however try putting a dual channel mem config, ie dimms 1 and 3 or 2 and 4 and system hangs with 3 LEDS lit (no beeps). from what i've read people say this kinda thing might be the mb or the cpu gone to hell. now is there anyway that i can check to find where the problem is ? (as RGone posted many times the close dimms to the cpu can't be checked with only 1 stick.) the system was stable for months and i didn't even overclock it yet. this is really frustrating so i REALLY NEED YOUR HELP. narrowing down the cause would be a BIG HELP.
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