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  1. That was my first thought. I was thinking I could keep my whole user folder synced. Thing is most of my content is already on the cloud be it through drive, chrome, or whatever service. I mostly just want a persistent user folder that follows me from my desktop to laptop. Migrating my user settings back and forth. Eh, there's windows 8.
  2. Whoops, forgot about that. Thanks for the response. I was thinking eh, it'll log in and sync once its done but forgot it'd never be able to overwrite all the files in use. Back to the drawing-board. I'm trying to avoid active directories. I could just bite the bullet have to settle from chrome and only sync my docs. I must be trying to create a project doomed to fail to occupy my time or something.
  3. so it's been a while but I'm once again back with a question. I'm looking at picking up an Envy 4 from my local costco for my girlfriend and wouldn't mind using it myself from time to time, thing is I would enjoy having a portable windows experience between my desktop and said laptop. How much of a bad idea would syncing my entire user directory with web based cloud storage be? I'm in the process of pushing most of my high volume content (music, movies) to a NAS for easy access from any device at home so storage wouldn't be much of an issue. I'm sure I'll have an occasionally long login process as everything fetches but is it really feasible? I'm split between using a NTFS directory junction point to move the directory location to the directory of my choice or just setting the sync utility to sync the User Folder. Or should I bite the bullet and upgrade to Win 8 and use Microsoft's sync feature? Thanks!
  4. wow... just wow.... Dreams really do come true... (actually its somewhat frightening but such is science.. )
  5. bah, same problem. I'll try when i get home from work. (cant wait)
  6. while bored and watching dreamhack junk I found this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHq-eTx7k1k and i was wondering where I could get some decent house/drum and bass? and having some of these uncut would be nice too. I'm just not big on the vocal thing... thanks! -Duff
  7. if you want to jump on it zepto is offering the Znote 6324W with a online discount of like
  8. Im going the way of buy.com admittedly its brown but im gonna give it a chance and if i really dont like it im gonna have to preform some sort of half baked zune painting type of project... on the downside i ordered that at like 11pm on the 20th. than i checked w00t when i woke up...
  9. mabie well get lucky and the contact with the fluid causes cancer... he could be gone in a few years... lol
  10. nice, i think im gonna grab one than... seems like a good deal thanks Lo
  11. uhh.. a few nitpicks here... first off, when you are paying for a 8Mb connection how are they in the right by limiting how much you can use out of that 8Mb? if they dont have the ability to offer everyone that kind of service if its all running maxed than scale it back untill you have the hardware to suport it second off who are they to determine if its a legal file or not. thats like sayinh http/ftp while they have legatamate uses should be blocked or interfered with soley because they are a method of distributing pirated software... if somone is downloading a iso of ubunto 7.5 on torrent how do they know its legal? do we enable DRM via torrent? i belive that would stifel the growth of independent software who cant meet the drm standards for whatever reason. its none of their buisnes what is downloaded... if its not exceeding the bandwidth they are leasing to you i see no problem... the content is not their buisnes well that was my rant after seeing something that irritated me while running on no sleep, i apologize for the terrible spelling but i cant focus my eyes any more ill comeback and clean this up later. g-night occ
  12. hey guys, its been a while, but ive been.... *shudder* computer less for a while now and i just got a new vostro 1500... anyway i have been looking for a mp3 player of some sort and found a zune for $99.99 new.... i know its 100 less than list price but what do you guys think? i havent had any experience with them and ive heard quite a mix of good and bad in the reviews. any thoughts?
  13. wow, I didint realize just how much ability you loose when you dont make use of it for extended periods of time... I'm trying to set up a site for a friend of mine that does a local weekend update on all the all ages shows and stuff, anyway I want to be able to set it up so the content refers to a txt file that has the latest content, one thing i'm not sure is possible or not is would i be able ot write a script like that that not only loads a text file but loads the newest one in a certain folder? so she just has to ftp a new txt file and some pictures every week as opposed to doing it in html... thanks in advance -Duff
  14. http://www.jdoqocy.com/qd122gv30v2IKSPKPQPISNRQQJR I just found it, thought id pass it around... -Duff
  15. weird, I think it might be but to be honest I am not sure... but for reference: thats a picture of under the hood of a stock 2002 RSX s-type... so it does lead me to believe its a turbo... or something.....
  16. I love those super friendly nigerans... they always want to give me money!
  17. yeah poping two Geforce 7800 cards in a box is definitly a better use but you never know. there could have been a closet ps3 fanboy on here.... but I'm guessing not. anyway thers this local guy who hates his 360 and is offering 400 and his 360 for the ps 3 so i think i'm gona take it. so yeah. you mods can delete this thread if you want. thanks
  18. well, sorry but yeah, when I posted one of the ps 3's on e-bay e-bay told me that the average price for a ps 3 is a little over 2000 but I agree that is more than I'd pay. and ebay is... intristing... to say the least Ive received some send it to Africa for 2 grand emails... they'll even send a decent looking paypal spoof email stating that paypal does in fact have the money but in order for you to receive it you need to ship the item you are selling first... har... EDIT: whoa. I just read that link claymeow posted... thats a disappointment to say the least. and to clarify I wasint trying to "fool" anyone.
  19. well after tax the console itself goes for 650 and than after the $60 game its aobut $710... and being as a brand new PS3 console is hard to find I took the inatave to try to get a piece of the pie... and in my defense ebay has the average price of a ps 3 listed at over $2000... just my $0.02
  20. Hey guys, I know its been a while but... Ive been kind of (very) busy and getting online has become a two three time a week event. anyway a friend and I scored a ps 3 this week through a friend at target. and another at gamestop in eureka. anyway i'm trying to sell them so I can afford a xbox 360 for the upcoming halo 3 launch... so anywayI listed on on ebay but I have another that i though i'd offer here first. I can produce pictures on demand to prove that i have them if anyone is intrested. heres some of the pictures I posted on e-bay when i got the first one: anyway this is a UNOPENED Playstation 3 with a recipt and a copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance. and i can include two misc ps 2 games from my collection if you want me to... I'm not sure what i have at the moment since i'm not at home but tomorow morning I'll be at home and stuff... soo if anyones intristed message me. and if anyone buys it I prefer paypal personaly but i can acept other forms of payment as well. well thanks I'm looking forwards to hearing froom you guys. -Duff Man (Gaura Allen)
  21. well I got a moto 551 off of ebay a few days ago (about a week) and thankfully it was old enough that it was unlocked (as far as I know cingular only started locking them after a certan point) but well it was unlocked so I threw my sim in there and it worked bautifly for a few days than a day or two ago I was on the phone with a friend in speaker phone mode and the cover closed, so after I finished talking I opened the phone to press end pressed end and the call endded but nothing hapened on the displayfso after a few futile trandom button pushing seconds I had to hard restart the phone so it restarted and the phone powered up but the display didint show up. I found I can still send and recive calls btut thats aobut it, so I'm thinking that if i were to reflash the flex/firmware that might fix it, what do you guys think, any other posible soloutions if this dosent work?
  22. the moron either didint have the stomach to just kill (I wouldent either... but than agian , sureas hell wouldent throw it in a fire or drown it or stupid things like that.) it somehow or just was to lazy... but yeah, thats definitly karma... EDIT: Quick edit rocks, thanks linuxprox!
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