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  1. ahh ffs, just did the slipstream disk got to windows and apparently i still only have 125gb of free space! what's going on ?
  2. where you specify the drivers do you use text format or PNP? just tried a windows install with my new disk got a error of "the file si3114r5.sys could not be found" bah will try again
  3. ok something strange has happend i just installed windows onto my hard drive without slipstreaming or using floppy's (yesterday it just blue screened) but my 250gb hard drive only has 125gb of free space? why?
  4. kool, urm do i press F6 still should it just install the drivers automatically?
  5. Hi guys now i lost my drivers floppy disk for my motherboard and after buying a new hard drive i tried re-installing windows but i downloaded the drivers off the dfi site extracted them to floppy as instructed tried to specify them and it just keeps saying "please insert a manufactures support disk" or something similar, my floppy drive led comes on just doesn't read from it! HELP
  6. it's not the voltage jumper settings as these have remained untouched, the most i pushed through the cpu is 1.55v for a one off boot up to windows, day to day i run it at 2.8ghz with only 1.35v. The cpu is still prime stable even with the faulty memory controller and in single channel with the same clock! For me this is a definate cpu issue as stated in my thread i tried my cpu in my friends board and it wouldn't run (stock) in dual channel, yet his cpu in my board would run dual channel fine!
  7. that's not a bad thing nehil as atleast you have dual channel lol i don't the most i pushed through my cpu was 1.55v that was a 1 off boot up to see if i could get 3ghz temps were fine however. 24/7 i ran my cpu at 2.8ghz with only 1.35v through it fully prime stable so there is something fishy somewhere! Think nehil is right tho as 99 out of 100 people that get this problem have opteron's! I heard of a guy who had the problem with his opty, bought a new opty and got the same problem on the new one! needless to say i shall be going with a x2 3800 very soon
  8. no the yellow slots won't work except if i use slots 1+2 or slot 1 by it self (yellow+orange) but this is the same problem as the ram will only function in single channel! It is the memory controller on the cpu, as my cpu won't run dual channel in my friends Asus motherboard
  9. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...9893#post479893 check out my thread i found out why my comp was suffering the same problem as you!
  10. think that could be the reason buddy! mine is a opteron aswell think there could be sumin in it about opty's!
  11. Hi guys after having the same problem as many of you in that my memory won't run in dual chan (orange slots 2+4) i took my pc to my friends house and got it out on the bench and did some tests, his cpu (amd 64 3200+) would work fine in my board and i could use the orange slots, My cpu in his (asus A8n SLi) board wouldn't work in dual channel. I tested his ram in my board with no luck so to conclude guys it's more than likely your cpu that's had it! sorry to say but thought i'd let you guys know as it has been frustrating the hell out of me!
  12. Hi there although i don't currently have the answer, i am going to be doing some intensive testing this sunday with a friends components! I wouldn't shell out on a new mb as i have done this (£85 poorer now) and got a ultra-d and had the same problem! my gut feeling is that either it's the memory controller on the cpu or my ram is shot this sunday will be the telling point as i will test my cpu in his board, his ram in my board, my cpu and ram in his board, my ram in his board, his ram and cpu in my board! Note i will be taking both my SLi-Dr and Ultra-D to see if i can get the problem sorted! Hopefully i will be able to solve the problem and sell the ultra-d on! (crosses fingers)
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