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  1. Hi guys, I'd like to install Vista beta2 for evaluation (installing it from XP), but it warns me that it has no driver for the silicon image s-ata. any suggestions? I need it badly since I got some drives connected to it... Thanks for any feedback, as I wa snot lucky searching this forum. Bora
  2. Ah that was you! :-) You didnt write your name, so I didn't know - I got surprisingly a lot of feedback by pm on this problem! thanks a lot to all of you, I'll keep you posted which solution whill be most suitable.
  3. Hehe damn 1aschnitzel, you are a real paint artist! Anyway, I understood what you mean, but how would I make sure the fan wouldn't fall down etc? I mean there is no proper mount for installing it. I remember I did a similar construction using pci slot blinds as fixation some years ago... maybe I'll try that.
  4. well its not a guarantee but it helped in my case, because the order of hdd drives changed and windows was set to the wrong drive. if you ask me there is a serious glitch in the bios. the SATA ports labeled 0 and 1 are recognized BY WINDOWS as 3rd and 4th drive, port 2 and 3 as 1st and 2nd. So when I connected a single drive to port 1 Windows had no problem but after connecting 2 more drives to port 1 and 2 suddenly Windows thought port 3 should be the first drive and found no Windows there of course!
  5. Did you check which hdd drive is set as the boot drive in the bios? Same happened to me too... just had to make sure the system will start from the windows drive.
  6. Rest assured, I did search. As mentioned in the OP I found some threads with nice self made heatsinks, those are far beyond my skills though. Also any normal replacement cooler is destined to fail if you ask me, since my geforce is totally blocking the airflow. This is the reason why I am asking for ideas to solve it in a different way and I am very thankful for the comments I received. Also finding the replacement heatsinks is not possible in my country as it seems... So please don't be angry!
  7. I'd love to, but then I couldn't use my Audigy PCI card anymore... Are there any pci-x soundblasters on the market?
  8. When I installed my new DFI board 2 days ago I had the same problem... 4 LED, no progress or beep. I must admit it was a stupid mistake, but the room was not properly lit and I plugged in the ATX power cord without seeing that the mainboard has the "longer" ATX plug version. After removing the adapter, which I had to use with my old mainboard, it worked perfectly. (Also without any additional 12V plugs connected)
  9. Actually I got heaps of space and a spare 12cm fan... but how would I install it? In the 5 1/4 bay? Or behind the CDROMS? PS: does anyone know a shop in Germany/Austria/Switzerland that has the Evercool solution?
  10. Wow guys, thanks a lot for these very good replies, I must say this forum sets a standard What makes you think that? I guess I have to try... Also I cannot put the card in the lower slot because then I couldn't use my Audigy without making my Geforce die from heat :confused: I contacted JingTing if I can order something directly.. lets see.
  11. That is exactly what I need, I would even pay a fellow DFI user in another country to buy and ship it to me any volunteers? I will have to compare the dimensions with the space which is available, I am afraid though that even this nice cooler might be obstructing the SATA plugs or something else... Now I wish I was so creative as to build my own cooler new pictures with Geforce installed in the right slot: http://www.chaosengine.de/tmp/DSC01654.jpg http://www.chaosengine.de/tmp/DSC01655.jpg
  12. Well that is strange indeed. I currently have 6 hdds plugged in, SATA-0 through 6
  13. Hello everybody! I am new to this forum and a DFI user since 2 days... I found some interesting mods on this forum while I was looking for a solution to my constanly noisy NB cooler on my DF SLI-DR. Have a look at these pictures: http://www.chaosengine.de/tmp/DSC01652.jpg http://www.chaosengine.de/tmp/DSC01653.jpg I put the Geforce in the bottom slot only to show how large it is and you can see it totally blocks the northbridge fan when installed in the upper slot The GF6900GTX should be normally in the slot above the DFI cooler, this was just a test to see how much it helps (only 3 degrees) I have an idle temp of around 50 degrees (in bios after boot with open case), couldnt measure load yet - but what really gets on my nerve is this noise cooler and the idea that my PC might go up in flames! Please guys, I am very thankful for any ideas on how to solve this. Thanks, Bora
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