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  1. Alright, well I built my first DFI based system about two weeks ago. Everything was going fine until today... I turned on my PC and saw one LED on. My PC would not go past the DFI splash screen. I tried switching the RAM slots , but nothing worked. Later on, I tried an sata hard drive from another one of my systems. I put it in, and turned my PC on, and it got passed the splash screen and got into windows. I then turned my PC off, and switched my hard drive back then turned my PC on. It still wouldn't go passed the splash screen. After that, I got some advice from someone on the forums that using the SATA 3 port on my motherboard would work. I plugged the SATA cable into the SATA3 port and my PC booted. I got into windows, but after about 30 minutes, I crashed. My keyboard locked up, my cursor wouldn't moving, nothing. So, I restarted my PC only to see that it was stuck on the splash screen again. Please help me out, what can I do to fix this problem? Is my hard drive dead? And also, the hard drive that I used from my other system works on the DFI board on any SATA port, the main hard drive I use for this system now only usually works in the SATA 3 port. All the power cables are plugged in, I don't see what the problem could be and why it only boots sometimes after repeadly switching the SATA ports. Thanks in advance.
  2. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811147001 That's the case I have.
  3. Well, I got my system up and running! I'm posting this message from my primary machine now (with my first DFI board). Installed windows about an hour ago and just finished installing drivers and such. Looks like my X850XT is still alive! I was afraid I was going to have issues with my ram after hearing many bad things about using value ram or corsair ram in DFI boards, but so far so good. Thanks for all the help! But I do still have 1 issue, which is with my front panel. I can't seem to figure out how to put my wires in or which way they should go in. I've been using the handy onboard panel to turn my PC on. I'll make a diagram of my front panel wires later and post it here. Can anyone assist me on this? Thanks again everyone.
  4. Ah, so the less LEDS, the better. Hmm, Since two LEDs means it's going to be checking my VGA, and it stalls on 2 LEDS, this might mean my X850 is dead.. I still haven't booted up with letting the CPU HSF off, so i'm not completly sure the X850 is dead. I hope it's still alive.. Thanks
  5. Just the CPU fan. But, before I replaced my Mobo with a DFI one, replaced my CPU , PSu, and HDD, I spilled a few drops from a drink on my mobo while my PC was on and running (got through a fan vent) and it would only boot for a split second and turn off. This was about 2 weeks ago. My current X850xt was in the old motherboard, I hope the X850xt still works.
  6. Heheh, Me either. I'll Boot up and change the options in the BIOS in a few mintutes. And yes, All four connectors were plugged in. So what about the LEDS? Thanks for your help!
  7. I see, Thank you! Also, What about the LEDS? Only 2 of mine are lighting up when I turn the PSU on.
  8. Yeah, the HSF is plugged into the motherboard. So, Should I ignore the fact that the CPU HSF stops spinning while my PC is on and go into BIOS anyway? Wouldn't that just fry my CPU? :confused: :confused: Thanks for the welcome , This is my first DFI Motherboard
  9. Don't have a 3 to 4 pin adapter. The CPU fan does turn on and spin, but goes off after about 5 seconds. Anyone have any idea whats wrong? Also, I noticed that there's supposed to be FOUR LEDS, not 2/3. As I said before, I'm only getting two of the LEDS , next to a ram slot and one next to the bottom PCI slot. What are the other two LEDS for?
  10. I'm not so sure what you mean, please explain. I can't even get to the BIOS since I can't boot without my CPU HSF turning off.
  11. Due to motherboard/CPU failure, I replaced motherboard with a DFI Lanparty NF4 Ultra-D UT, and my CPU with a AMD 64 3200+ Venice. After I put everything together, I turned the PSU on and noticed 2 LEDS on the board lit up, next to the ram slots and one near the PCI slots. There's supposed to be 3, correct? One to detect the CPU? After that, I tried booting the PC up. Everything went ok for a while, all the fans started up, monitor starts to turn on, but about 5 seconds after I booted, the CPU HSF (Stock AMD HSF) stops. I turned the PC off as soon as the HSF stopped in fear of frying my CPU. Is the motherboard not detecting the CPU? Why does the HSF turn off after 5 seconds? Thanks in advance.
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