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  1. I was moving those jumpers up n down but with no luck. My PC won't power up via USB no way. I can't find no specs regarding my PSU so I have no idea if my PSU supports >720mA. I'm very disappointed... one more thing...you can't use both front and rear audio plugins at the same time :confused:
  2. I was trying to get my USB Keyboard power up to work but no luck. I tried HOTKEY (ctrl+F1) and password option but my system didn't power up. What am I missing? :confused:
  3. tnx Oceanborn! I can see all 4 gigs in BIOS now. Win XP are now on 3gigs (before 3,4 gigs). :shake: but never mind...i was just worried that my ram isn't working. Now that i know that it is windows XP problem I am reliefed. Ill just wait for Vista.
  4. fariss and others... what is confusing me is that BIOS also recognises 3,4 GB of RAM and not only XP pro SP2. But if I restart the CMOS to defaults the first BIOS memory count will be correct (4gb). (BTW: I have now flashed BIOS on 2006/04/06 and it doesn't help.) Do windows XP somehow influence on false BIOS memory read?!?!?!? help!? :confused:
  5. Hello! I bought myself a new system few days ago. I have 2x 2GB GeIL Value Dual Channel PC3200 400MHz DDR http://www.geilusa.com/proddetail.asp?linenumber=36 . When plugged it in, and the PC did his first test it counted 4GB but the second time I had only 3,4GB RAM. My Windows XP Pro can also recognize only 3,4GB of RAM instead of 4GB! Please help me out here... what can I do...u're my last hope
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