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  1. I've tried this athlon 3700+ on a dusty msi and it boots to bios and let me install windows but after reboot it just stucks on the windows xp logo... don't know what the hell is going on.. is this cpu working properly or what.. :mad:
  2. i didn't i had any problems with the other cpu's i tried: amd sempron 3100 (worked without cmos restart) and amd athlon 3400+..long cmos is a real hassle... this cpu should just work.. shouldn't?
  3. changed the jumper a few times, replace ram , there is something else though.. the power led gets flickering all the time.. what that could possibly mean????.... i'm starting getting frustrated..
  4. HI there! I've bought a few days ago a cpu from the german ebay, the 3700+ clawhammer one. The processor arrived without the box and guees what, no fan either. It was instead packed in a really dodgy plastic case which was inside the letter. Yeap the processor arrived insode a letter.. lol.. So the thing now is that i tried it on my dfi lanparty ut and it's not functioning... It worked just fine with my previous 3400+.. Any ideas? Did i get mugged here, or there are any tricks to make this processor work.. :confused: Regards , Romanos...
  5. ok .. plain and simple.. I've finally managed to gather some money to get some nice modules but i'm kinda dubious on which one to get... http://www.tekheads.co.uk/s/product?product=604823 http://www.tekheads.co.uk/s/product?product=604176 The one is 1 gig (2x512) and supports 2-2-2-5 latencies at 400MHz and gskill sucks but gots (DDR500) 3-4-4-8 latencies. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  6. I've got a 3400+ clawhammer and the best i can get is just 2.37GHZ? Crap.. i'm sure i'm doing something wrong..
  7. Right.. i'm getting a little bit confused as i'm getting through this. I've tried super pi the 32m test and it's ok with 226 fsb, then i tested the same using occt and the best i can get is 211fsb!!! What's happening?
  8. Won't boot in windows with less than 1.65 vcore.... That's the best i can do.. i'm having a 33celcius temperature on my cpu . Should i lower the fsb? Is already set to 226
  9. You're right smolt.. but that picture is from last night I've changed it and get it up to 1.7 right now and fsb is set to 226. My current idle temp is 37celcius and i think that this is too much for idle.. I really don't wont to tweak the memory cause it seems to be really crap.. so i haven't done much on that one. U think i should? Thanks for all the patience guys , i'm overclocking for first time btw, i had some problems on my usb soundcard and now after increasing the vcore there's no problems at all.. It used to had some corruption during playback but now it works smoothly... is there any case that because of my sounfcard is kinda proffesional it needs all the power it can get from the cpu?
  10. I'm running at 2.5MHZ and i've got 41 cpu temp when idle.. Is that a problem? Vcore is set at 1.85
  11. Here's what i've done in bios : http://www.romanos-artist.com/files/downloads/DSC04532.gif And here's the mbm : http://www.romanos-artist.com/files/downloads/mobo.gif
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