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  1. I don't have access to a multimeter and not really that hardcore to start using one Anyways, about my current PSU next to the rest of my specs. Just right? Pushing it? (time to buy a new one?) I don't mind spending the extra cash if it will fix my problem.
  2. Hmm I can't get smart guardian to read anything from the board. I tried the version off the disc that came with the motherboard and the one from the dfi site. From speed fan:
  3. OCZ Modstream 520w I do not use speedfan or MBM, speedfan is installed but it's not ever running in the background.
  4. What can I do to test the PSU? Because I have no idea if or how the PSU could be causing those problems.
  5. Glad to see "diy-street" back up! My problem(s): Sometimes, randomly my computer will freeze, as in I still have picture on my monitor but nothing responds, sounds hault and I have to hard reset. This is my most common problem! or Sometimes it will randomly just reboot on it's own. AND sometimes I experience a strange "skipping" coming from the speakers and during this "skipping" everything else lags for about 1.4 seconds and it's over. This doesn't happen very often but when it does it's annoying.. like in a game or something.
  6. My system is stable, and the power LED used to be solid and I have not changed anything inside the case, so what does a blinking power LED mean?
  7. I had the startup after shutdown problem as well. This was months ago, someone told me to install the latest marvell network drivers. Then once they are installed go into the device manager and disable any Wake Up features. It solved my problems, give it a shot.
  8. It's perfectly stable at stock speeds and with the overclock I had. Mack27: Thanks for the tip. About the PSU, That's a good point ... though as my system is stable and FPS is otustanding at stock speeds I'm a little hesitant to buy myself a more powerful PSU.
  9. So yeah, well, after overclocking to 2.6 GHz I lost about 1000 points on 3dmark '06 and the bench of CS:S dropped 50 FPS. Video card stayed at stock speed. Now that I've set bios settings to default I'm back to normal. What are some bios settings that could cause something like this?
  10. go through the device manager in system
  11. Good info, I was experiencing this last night so I flipped the switch on the PSU to off for fear that it would turn on and blow up while I was at work I have my ethernet on the onboard thing too, I'll try that Magic Packet and Pattern Match to off!
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