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  1. Yep ive had enough, not with the pausing ...only because ive gotten that down to only happening once shortly after boot up. Im fedup with the constant failure to boot up!! One out of three attempts is a failure (freezes/disk error, etc) and when it does boot up poroperly it takes about 30-60 sec..when it should only take 5-10sec.... So back to my A8R32...although im gonna miss all the features (bios/accurate temps etc) that dfi offered but the time has come...!
  2. Yes, it must be CF. I get major corruption in menu and in game..... example *only get the checker board when catalyst A.I. Disabled* but when enabled (how I usualy play) I get corruptin as seen behind the checkers.... http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=5/14501295185.jpg&s=f5 this screen is with 6.5 drivers too....back to 6.3
  3. Im getting a 500+ point drop with new 6.5 drivers in 3dmark05....went from 13680 to 13107 (stock cpu/gpu)...havent tried anygames yet, but im mostlikely goin back to ccc6.3 (6.4 has problems with BF2)...sigh
  4. Ahh you are correct! guess I should have done alittle more research before posting. Funny thing is, for the first time (outside a game) I noticed it froze up a few seconds when I was typing the 1st post. Sure enough event log shows 1 m5288 error and 2 disk warnings @ 10:36PM (5/20/06). Every 2 hrs same errors...couple random DCOM errors in there too... Guess ill read up on the m5288 thread.... Thanks
  5. Well in addition to game problems, I guess I should go over some of the general probs ive been having. After finaly getting windows installed (flashed BIOS before install), I have notice durring windows startup (loading windows logo...). It slowly appears and sometimes (well rarely) takes 20-30 sec to finish loading, normal load times is 3-5 sec. Anyways the bios settings durring windows format/install wernt set very well I think ? ... only set DRAM freq:200=1:1, mal and rpt 7ns/5ns...cup vid @ 1.4v . Should I have set other timings? like cas, tras, trp, trc.... I would complain about cold boot freezups/errors but its seems pretty common with most peeps, it either freezes up or I get Disk Error messages (once got a "file not found") but simply rebooting fixes this. Current Genie settings...(DRAM based on someones settings on DFI-NF4 board with exact ram) FSB Bus Frequency:200 LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio:5x CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio:14x RD580 HT PLL Speed:Auto HT Bus NMOS Drive Strength:5 HT Bus PMOS Drive Strength:5 HT Bus Receiver Impendence:5 CPU HT Bus Drive Strength:Normal K8 Cool & Quiet Support: Disabled CPU VID Control:1.400v CPU VID Special Control:Auto DRAM Voltage Control:2.70v SB PCIE Voltage:1.80v NB Analogue Voltage:1.21v LDT Bus Voltage:1.21v NB Core Voltage:1.21v DRAM Frequency Set:200=1:1 CPC:Enables CAS (tCL):2 tRCP:3 tRAS:6 tRP:3 tRC:7 tRFC:17 tRRD:3 tRW:3 tRTW:2 tWTR:3 tREF:3120 Bank Interleaved:Enabled Errata 94: Disabled Errata 123: AUTO Odd Divisor Correct: Disabled DQS Skew Control:Auto DQS Skew Value:0 DRAM Drive Strength:Auto DRAM Data Drive Strength:Auto DIMM 1/2 Clock Timing Skew:Auto DIMM 3/4 Clock Timing Skew:Auto Max Async Latency:7ns Read Preamble Time:5ns IdleCycle Limit:256 Dynamic Counter: Disabled R/W Queue Bypass: Bypass Max:16x Burst Length:4 My CPU temp avg is 25-38c and CHIPSET avg 44-51c Ran memtest86 with very similar setting as these^... ****diff settings were: tRC:9 tRFC:19 tRRD:2 tRW:3 tRTW:1 tWTR:1 and IdleCycle Limit:16 Dynamic Counter: Enables it ran for 13hr8min (22passes 0errors) then just froze.... With both of these setting I freez up after only 45-60+ minutes. Only playing BF2 and COD2 so far (BF2 mostly). When it happens game skips for scouple secs then freezes up and the sound squeels with bf2, then I get kicked from the server. With cod2 does the same thing, freezes and sound skips and after 10-20 sec games back to normal...Other than that games run pretty smooth with settings maxed @ 1280x1024 (only have 19inch LCD atm) Also my 3DMark05 scores are alittle lower with this mobo (old mobo=Asus A8r32-MVP) with stock cpu/gpu and mem @ 2-3-3-6: MVP= 13800 DFI = 13600 whew* anyways, nehelp is appreciated Thanks!
  6. Ok I was able to update the BIOS....but im not sure I did it correctly. I copied the files to a bootable floppy, but before I could enter in the a: command it did its own thing and updated bios and restarted. After that I shut down the PC (unpluged and all) and cleared CMOS. Where in bios can I see the BIOS version?... Started up fine made some minor setting changes to DRAM and INSTALLED WINDOWS!!! YAY! ****NEVER MIND the partition question..... anyways PROBLEM SOLVED WINDOWS INSTALLED - seems I have use my windows cdkey to the max gotta call them to get another Thanks all for the help, seems flashing the BIOS before installing windows helps ALOT + the DRAM setting you recommended .... Thanks DLX OUT
  7. Thought I should jummp in here while on the topic of RAM settings... ram = CMX1024-3200C2 1GB installed in slot closes to CPU/Orange (all other slots wont boot or freez up) Problem: STILL trying to install window! (had this board 4 days now) While window copies files to the windows installation folders (after formatting the drive), I keep gettin "Setup cannot copy the file:" [random file depending on setting].xxx This is a DRAM issue correct? anyways im finding it gets close to completion with these settings are: CPU: FSB:200 mhz LTD: auto CPU:auto CPU VID: 1.400V DRAM: dram freq:by dram SPD valur..or 1:1 CPC:auto tcl, trcd, tras, trp:auto rest = auto max async latency:7.0ns read preamble time:5.5ns and i have tried many different setting, like; DRAM: cpc:enabled timings:2-3-3-6 Tref:3120 etc. CPU: FSB:200 mhz, LTD:x4(andx5), CPU:x14 (stock for my CPU right?) and of corse 1.4v So I need some help with Genie settings for this RAM so i can flippin get XP installed.... any help would be great, thanks! DLX
  8. So I managed to stop all the random freezing/reboots while in BIOS and while starting up!... I moved RAM stick to the slot closest to the cpu (orange), havent froze up once...that problems solved. But still having trouble getting windows installed all the way. My 1st atempt lastnight I got past formatting the drive and durring the copying the files from CD it couldnt find some files..."setup cannot copy the file:" 7 files total, all starting with USR (.DLL, and .EXE). I continued with out them and it rebooted durring the final installation (windows itself), and of couse windows wouldnt start up at all. Next 2 attemps it made it through formatting again, but durring copying files from cd it restarted durring....one of the 2 attemps it couldnt find one file (retried and it found it) it continued then restarted shortly after... anyways im off to work today...peace Thanks
  9. Still no luck... One thing I am noticing that in standard cmos featurs it doesnt show sata drives, only IDE (master/slave). When I load optimized defaults it will show up, but if I make any other changes it goes away. so I managed to get all the way to the formating part DRAM SETTINGS AT; 1:1, 1T, 2-3-3-6 (tcl, trcd, trp, tras), and max async and rp @ 7.0ns and 5.5ns. everything esle AUTO...and RAID enabled cd 1st boot but sometime durring it I got an error "a problem has been found" PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA (i wrote down the tech info if needed) So i was gonna try again...same setting but bumped DRAM voltage up to 2.70v... now pc wont even start, get either black screen (2d on mobo), or no beep/video (2b on mobo). on one restart i got a message saying... A52021 X1900XTX BIOS _ so i restarted and getting same as before (black scrn or no beep/video) Im sure clearing CMOS will fix this, but im still unable to get windows installed!!! need reccomendations for correct settings in bios or somethin...sry im in a rush goin out to dinner, bb in acouple hrs.... thanks!
  10. hey all, So this is my first attempt with a DFI board, and really only my second build. Spent all day yesterday messin around with BIOS/Settings. Yet I still cant install windowsXP with out it freezing durring initial file loading, or getting error messages durring and before partition formating starts... My first problem was finding the right slot for my RAM...works in yellow slot closest to CPU. Cant try the orange slot closest because my cpu heatsink is blocking it, hope this isnt whats causing my freezing problems. So finaly got it to boot, I right away went into BIOS and changed cd-rom to first boot and enabled raid function... rebooted, and it took like 30sec to identify sata drivers, so i entered RAID BIOS utility... Note* the raptor drives I am using arent new, they did have data on em and were in raid 0 in my old system. ... when in raid utility I deleted both raid aray and partitions, rebooted and created a new raid aray (raid 0). so now booting from cd (I missed F6 option) but it restarted durring fileloading... so tried again hit f6 loaded sata drivers, got all the way to formating the drive. but right as it starting formating I got an error screen... "a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer" DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (only got this part once out of 2 errors/problems) After this I did a memtest86 (never done this before, but from what i gather it just keeps doing passes until it finds errors??) anways, mine got 4 errors durring pass 2 (nearly an hour into it) showed the errors for a bit, but when pass 2 finished everything froze.... Anyways im trying to make a long story short...here I am to day with the same freezing problems...freezes at lanparty logo sometimes, somtimes before I enter bios and always durring windows setup. also when exiting bios (with out saving) sometimes it hangs at restart...no beep or video. I tried setting memtimings (2-3-3-6) still same problem. Im not really upset, I knew this was gonna be a tuff build, but was just hoping I wouldnt have to come here and bug u guys for help ...atleast not until i got windows installed lol. Thanks!
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