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  1. problem solved: it WAS the psu.. i have to clear my cmos to post.. if i increase any of the startup vid or other boot voltages it will not post after i exit bios. currently i am getting away w/ booting my 2.9ghz amd64 3700+ @ startup default. do you think this could cause bios corruption or other probs? anyhow.. i wont send the psu back just yet as i havent experienced any windows problems once im in. currently running the setting in this pic http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v507/RickRude/rape.jpg
  2. pc wont restart or turn back on first try (takes like 2 or more usually) after i turn it off. i get 3 leds w/ the 4th one double blinking (blinkblink pause... repeat). ive had this thing going perfect for 7 months until a few weeks ago this is becoming more and more frequent. i always get it to boot after a cmos clear. all parts work fine seperately. any opinions? should i rma?
  3. if it flaots around 55 - 60 65 priming is that really gonna make it die or loose its overclockability within the next 2 years?
  4. is it possible 3400rpm is the max of my fan? thats what im startin to think .../.. another thing.. is 55 degrees load to 60 time to time during normal counterstrike source use dangerous or okay.. idle temps r 2880mhz @ 37 - 40 degrees : /
  5. running windows xp no service packs build 2600. stock ultra d bios. cpu is 100% stable @ 258 x 11 but hits 60 degrees peak priming. during normal use it will go above 51 or so degrees playing cs:source. id like to know how to get the fan going to , what i read, 6000 rpm. im using the normal amd cpu drivers from the site, only one their is.. no cool and quiet.. ite smartguradian says fans r at full speed ... any help is appreciated..
  6. now when i try to update the device driver it stays at ac97 driver but doesnt detect anyhting that i plug into it still..
  7. yea.. install went fine.. im running windows 2600 build (no service pack i don thtink) and everything is running great except when i install the dfi cd drivers for the audio it installs the realtek ones and i get no sound.. then i uninstall them and let windows find the best audio drivers for me and it gets some 10/22/2004 6.14.457.0 nvidia audio codec interface driver.. no kranjan audio is working.. mic doesnt work.. no sound from the green plug.. :sadface: uhm.. any help is greeatly appreciated. cs : s is bad without sound
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