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  1. My Lanparty NF4 Ultra-D Mobo is beeping at me when I'm running 3DMark2001SE and I'm not sure why. I have verified all my fans are running but the BIOS is not detecting them running. CoreTemp94 is reporting the max temp for both cores is 39C. Motherboard Monitor 5 is reporting NF4 Chipset Max temp at 41C and PWMIC max temp at 40C. I'm not sure how to check the GPU temp with an ATI graphics card. I am running a slow 8 X 200 mhz until I get this figured-out. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks - Stuart
  2. Thanks BG. My core temps are in the high 50's while cpu temp is still under 50. I just running the stock heatsink/fan but I've got the old reliable Thermalright XP-90 and Panaflo fan on order. I'm not looking for a big overclock. I am guessing MBM doesn't monitor core temps. It would be cool if you could somehow get it same way as you get ATI GPU temps via ATITool. Stuart
  3. Guys, I am observing about a 10C temp difference between my CPU Temp and my core temps (core temp being higher). Is this typical? I am getting my core temp from SpeedFan and CoreTemp. My CPU temp is coming from SpeedFan and MBM. I've read that a lot of guys like to keep their max temp at about 50C. Are they talking CPU temp or core temp? Also, can MBM measure core temps? Thanks, Stuart
  4. Okay, I want to make sure I am clear on this. CAB2E is the stepping and 0604DPAW is when it was manufactured (4th week of 2006). Right? I am currently stuck at 2.7ghz (10X270). At 2.75ghz, my graphics card starts acting up. I get this error saying "VPU Recovery has reset your graphics accelerator . . ." Anyway I can tweek the PCI bus or graphics card? Somone else has told me no, its either the CPU or your memory.
  5. OldGuy, So you are saying its not PCI bus/graphics card related. It's memory or cpu. okay, I will bump the voltage just a bit to see if that makes a difference. I am satisfied with 2.7ghz but just want to see what it takes to go a bit higher. And yes, I have read the O/C guide. Thanks!
  6. Guys, I have an Opteron 146 with CAB2E steppings. How is does this stepping rank as far as good or bad one? Could you point to a couple threads? I am currently running Super Pi 32m stable at 10 X 270mhz. I haven't done my Prime stable testing yet. I would be pretty satisfied at 10 X 270mhz but if I could get more why the hell not! After the CAB2E comes 0604DPAW. This might also be important. Was it manufactured in April of 2006? Thanks, Stuart
  7. Thanks Matt for your reply. I searched around ATI's Catalyst Control Center as you recommended. I didn't find a voltage adjustment there. I may have just overlooked it. I see where I change the clock speed of the card and that was about it. I did have the advanced options enabled.
  8. I am running stable at 2.7ghz (10 X 270) but when I boost it to 2.75ghz (10 X 275), my screen blanks-out and I get the following message ( VPU Recovery has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding . . . ). At 2.8ghz, my screen just goes blank. It seem pretty obvious, that something graphics related is now holding me back. I looked for a setting to boost my graphics card voltage but I didn't see one in the BIOS. Does anyone have any suggestions? BTW, I am running my PCI express bus at the standard 100mhz. Thanks, Stuart
  9. I was primarily running test #5. Really didn't give the other ones a try. Moving trp to 3 might help but then it would be running at looser timing than it is rated for. One stick is obviously better than the other. Thanks for you comment
  10. Yes, I am using the BIOS versions and setting from OCZ. I also just tested an old Kingston Hyper-X stick and got no errors. Then I tried my OCZ sticks one at a time. I got errors on one stick and not the other. I think it is RMA time. Thanks, Stuart
  11. Do I need to calc this? Can I just set it to auto and forget it?
  12. I am following the Definitive DFI A64 Overclocking Guide to see what the max speed my memory will do. To start things off, I dialed everything way back. CPU clock to 4X , FSB to 200mhz, etc. Running test #5, I get a lot of errors in the "Error" column but no errors in the "ECC Error" column. The PC is running stable with these setting in WinXP. Are these "real" errors? Is this okay? Thanks, Stuart
  13. I have a question about a comment in the Definitive DFI A64 Overclocking Guide. The comment is: ". . .when overclocking your FSB . . . lower the LTD multi to keep the HTT within the acceptable range. . . Socket 939 = Around 2000" Now, somewhere I read that this wasn't necessary. Just set it to Auto and BIOS will do this for you. These statements are just a bit contrictary. I just have mine set to auto. However, is there someplace I can see what the auto setting is? Thanks, Stuart
  14. Right there, plain as day in the BIOS, you can set a delay for HDD detection. I set it to 5 seconds which should be more than enough. I will see if they makes a difference.
  15. No. I was making DRAM, FSB and CPU clock adjustments.
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