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  1. I have the exact same PSU as you and it worked straight out the box, and no problems at all. Being modular, check cables are all in properly. Where did you get it from btw, get on the retailer's case.
  2. Hi, I took it off overclock before and intially it worked. but it then did it again once, so I ruled overclocking out. I mean this thing is not buggin me that much because it happens once in a blue moon, but it'd be good to get to the bottom of it. A few times I could get it doing it continously. The weird thing is if I change something in bios, like really trivial even, it loads into windows ok, after the update ESCD successful message. I'm guessing PSU, but I played oblivion for a few hours straight and no shutdown, nothing. In fact I haven''t had it restart or shutdown in windows once. Just before the windows logo appears
  3. I got this weird issue where my system will decide to reboot at the point where the IRQ check /"verify DMI Pool point" appears. The system restarts and goes into windows. This happens erractically, in the end it always goes into windows, after rebooting once, but just when restarting or powering up the odd time it will reboot first time. I have run prime 95, memtest etc. all successfully, any clues why this could be happening? Should I try upping the CPU voltage?
  4. I had these version of chips before but the 512MB ones. I found updating to the latest bios started things up, I know you state you have done this but just check the date at startup to make sure. Try set the command rate to 2T, may have to for these 1GB ones.
  5. Just to recall I have PC4000 which may not have the same problems as the PC3200 sticks. I have been running these sticks for 2 weeks now at 2.6v (actual voltage reading shows 2.7v however) and no problems so far. I ram memtest for a day and no errors. Increased the voltage in BIOS so that the voltage reading is 2.8v and errors. I'm sorry I have not made myself that clear, I did not get a single error,I got many errors but they repeated at the same address in memory on each pass. So I'd have like 26 error counts for a single address. I think my voltage is a bit out and I might be running them higher than I think. Setting it at 2.6v may actually be 2.8v and results in stable performance. They still get warm and so I will be getting a small fan to keep it cool.
  6. I haven't checked the revision, I just bought them recently so should hopefully be the latest one. I'll check when I get home. Well I got a cheap fan under 5 quid for the RAM, no harm using it. I set my voltage downto 2.6v its rock so far, touch wood. I mean it could actually be 2.8v, its just that my bios is reading it incorrectly, and I could have been running it at >2.8v before. It was well hot b4, you couldn't put yor finger on it more than a few secs - there was likea burning "Crucial ballistix aroma" in my room. I've seen on some posts that voltage readings are not 100% accurate.
  7. Yeh, I must admit I find it difficult to believe it is a fix too, but memtest proves otherwise, still I've only had these for abouta week, time will tell if they fail later in a few weeks. The thing is, when it was failing, memtest was reporting one red line, at a single point in the memory failing again and again at the same place. Did anyone else experience this? The voltage seems to have done something, so I'm thinking its a heat issue. They are definitley cooler now, lol I got the cooking smell at 2.7-8v too.
  8. Hi there, I just purchased some ballistix RAM, I was aware of the problems looking at "The Ballistix Thread". Anyway I took the risk and went for the RAM. I have to say I did experience some of the problems en.ered in the threads. I ram memtest, after say 4 hours an error popped up for a single address. After some meddling I think I have found the solution is high voltage, I maybe wrong as these things may degrade over time as mentioned in the previous threads. The recommended voltage was 2.8v, so I set it to that amount in BIOS. However the reported voltage was slightly higher. I then set it to 2.6V and ran it for 12 hours...no errors. I have ran Prime95 for 16 hours straight, various benchmarks, Super Pi etc and played oblivion three hours straight and no problems. At 2.7-8v my pc temp was 4c higher so significant heat was made at these voltages which could have been the source of errors. My timings are 2.5,4,4,8. Did anyone else experience the same possible fix?
  9. I am looking at 2 x 512MB DDR500 ones, I was considering the DDR400 but the price difference is not that much. At the mo I'm running at 265 * 9, am i asking too much for a 530DDR overclock? Memory dividers may be inevitable. My current value RAM crucials are running solid, thats why I'm going for crucial again..plus the price is good.
  10. forgive my stupidity in not finding this earlier .. excellent thread explaining all and supporting this memory.
  11. Check this out.... You can also buy it directly form Crucial, which is still reasonably priced
  12. Yeh, I must admit according to this forum there not one to go by, it would be good to see anyone whos had success with these ones. In the UK these RAM go for about £83 which are pretty cheap, what do you recommend as an alternative on similar budget. I was isming for £80-100
  13. Yeh, thanks for the link. I did look at before but assumed the PC4000 maybe not follow the incompatible problems of the PC3200 mentioned in this article, it may have been updated since then.
  14. I am a newbie overclocker and am thinking of upgrading my memory to Crucial Ballistix PC4000 DDR500 in hopes to get nearer to 1:1 memory ratio for my overclock ( current running 150 divider with my value RAM). My questions are: a) will this be a worthwhile upgrade in terms of performance and ... B) should I be aware of any compatability issues? Thanks a lot
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