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  1. the guy that had this chip ran it at 3100 so yea i know its capable of more.... its just nice to see that 3000mhz in cpuz .... so what else can i tweak to get it stable... i think i need to teweak the memory setting much more.... what settings do u guys recommend im runninf a 120 divider if that helps... i can run 100 divider and its stable at 3000 but memory frequency is only 150mhz or something around that im shure im missing something.... HELP!!!
  2. well in bios the voltage is set at 1.55v, (shows up as 1.52v in CPUZ)i only have a segate 300gb hdd, connectde by the sata plug...my 7900gt runs at around 890memory (1780mhz) and 561 core... but i run defaults normally
  3. well i had it going at 2900 for like around 2 weeks now and it runs everything stably... Vcore on cpu is maxed out in bios.... if i reduce the timmings to stock od 2-2-2-5 it will boot but wont load up windows as it restarts.... what else can i do???, any perticural setting in bios that i should change, i tried running in T2 and it didnt change anything so i changed back to T1
  4. Hi guys, my opteron is running happily at 3000, its over an hour stable in sp2004 and i can run 3dmark05 without it crashing... but when i play Need for speed Most Wanted it freezes after around an hour of play... I had to relax the timmings on the ram to 3-3-5-10 to run it at 207mhz frequency.... What else can i do. please help Thanks
  5. what does mean when the 4th led on the right is flashing, i really cant be bothered unplugging and replugging the comp every morning to start the comp, but i will have to if i dont solve this problem HELP!!!!
  6. running in orange slots in dual channel.... still getting problem, hmmm dont have another psu to test... alltho i dont think that 485watts it too little... enermax are very high quality psu's. Thanks and help guys.... yea system is stable with memtest and sp2004 @2900 and 3000, but when at 3000 it freezes only while playing NFS most wanted!!!!
  7. :confused: , i have gotting these led readouts this morning, i unplugged comp from power and re-plugged it a coup[le of times and now its running fine, problem is, its doing this every morning on a cold boot?? also if there a link to a diaganostic led chard for Ultra-D, i googled it but could not find this. Please help me. Thanks... specs are in my sig
  8. because to run it at 2900 i have to run ram @ 133 and thats @ 207mhz frequency... so it i have divider 1:1 wont the ram frequency go up really high???
  9. i asked you can run my ram on a 1:1 divider @ 2900 or not??? i just sucesfully booted with those ram settings you told me to use. Thanks im off to school thanks for your help so far.
  10. im just about to go to school so im gonna try update my bios then. Thanks..can you answer my question re ram. Thanks
  11. Alltho im running a opteron 146 @ 2900mhz with FSB:DRAM of CPU/14, can i run the divider 1:1 with those settings at my current clock??, but do u thinnk changing those ram settings will solve my boot problem??
  12. i dont have a floopy drive??? i guess i can connect a spare one up... can you point out what bios i should download??? Thanks
  13. I tried updating it using winflash but with the bios i downloaded it says bios file size dosent match the one on the mainboard...... wold running in yellow slots help. Thanks fror your help soo far.
  14. Im running some Geil Ultra-X ddr400 in my system with 2-3-2-5 latency @ 207mhz @ 2.72v. Hope this helps
  15. I thought my new ram would solve this problem but it didnt, every morning the i turn my comp on i get a long beep and 2 short beeps. To fix this i have to unplug the power cord and re connect it to the psu, Then it turns on and boots fine, maby i should try running ram in yellow slots??? please give me some tips/ suggestions guys. Thanks
  16. Hi guys this is my first post here and im asking for help. I have a boot problem, when i turn on my comp in the morning i get a long beep and 2 short beeps, If i unplug and psu power lead a couple of times and try to turn the comp on again it boots and works perfectly. If the comp has been on for half a day and i decide to turn it off for for 10mins or so and turn it on again it works perfectly aswell??? How can i fix this, i think its my ram caus i have crappy old ram??
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