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  1. hi guys, i just ordered 3x40mm evercool fans... im gonna make a custom bracked to they blow air on the ram... will this be sufficent for taking my ram upto around 3.1v safley???
  2. looks like im gonna live with it... dosent bother me as it starts up and its like 8 hours prime95 stable s yea.... something i will always think about... but i founf out that burning my comp in fixed my cold boot issue!
  3. i was gonna get a 500watt psu, but i was strongly advised that this is good because it has dual 12v rails also they come in a sli version??
  4. Hi guys, i have a weird problem, in the morning when i turn my comp on it gets past the dfi splash screen then hangs in the ares where it says "cmos ok!...", then the comp restarts and it will boot fine into windows and is prime stable... It also does this after i tweak something in bios etc.... Can u guys help me out please?? Would also say that when it boots af first nothing come up on that screen... well all the numbers at the top do but the 2 lines one that says cmos ok! dont... sometimes by copm will turn on first go without anything appearing on that screen, im using the lastest bios from the DFI website
  5. problem is i restarted the comp then it did the same thing again??
  6. temps were aroun 28cpu and 28 gfx card..... so yea the highest temp ever was on a really hot dat and it reached 43 while running prime so yea
  7. Today i turned my pc on and when i fired up firefox it froze... i know this current clock @ 2900 is 8h+ Prime 95 stable... with memory on 3-4-4-8 @ 2,83v, what could of happend??? thanks.... i clocked it down to 2800 and it works fine
  8. b4 it lasted 3 hours and 46 minutes and an error was found, after some tweaking i got it stable, personally i know that i can get 3ghz so im gonna go for this goal!!!
  9. i been running prime for 8hours and 21mintues... can i ca;; my oc prime stable now????
  10. onw fan will look gethho, i think im just gonna get 2x80mms fans and run them on low low speed.. should work great and will look not bad either... even tho i wont be able to see the chrome heatspreaders any more
  11. im not gonna take the heatspreaders of my Geil Ultra-x, i love the chrome on them haha, as for 120mm its gonna be hard to fit as i have water tubes etc passing the ram Here is a photo of my case and i think 2x80mm fans will look nice, a 120mm will cool good but it will to big and bulky... with 2 80mm fans it should be pretty much from one ram stick to the other one.... on mabye just one fan will be good enought???
  12. Hi all, fron asking many questions etc... i figured my ram needs more voltage... to achieve the clocks i want, right now its at 2.83v with no cooling only 2x120mm case fans... I was thinking about placing 2x80mm fans directly next to eachother directly on top of the ram... i can get some nice green led ones here in NZ for cheap... Will this be sufficent to go to 3.2ish voltages... can u guys post pics of your ram and how you cool it... etc. Thanks
  13. Every morning when i woke i went to my comp and pushed the start button. Every morning i would get 3 solid leds and 4th led flashin, i had to replug the psu cable several times to get it to boot, i also tried unplugging psu overngiht but that didnt fix the problem either. Last night i just switched the psu off via button on the back, the next morning i woke up... turned psu switch on and my baby silently roared to life with no problems at all. Glad to have this fixed.... I know the problem is still there but at least i can go around it
  14. i coudnt be stuffed taking da ram out so i just took some mint macro photos, the PN number is : PN1746-SN6000656, im pretty shure these are Bh5 chips... are they or are they TCCd???? Thanks
  15. with a 1:1 divider i cant go past 2400 on my opteron with stock settings... will pull a stick out and see what it says on the stickers, i got these around 2 weeks ago... burning in??? so ur saying the better burnt in they are the better they will oc?
  16. how can i check if my memory is tccd or bh5??? is there any way??
  17. its tccd???? because untill this point i was thiking that they are BH5 chips and using BH5 settings for them.... So do u think its possible running a 1:1 divider @ 2900mhz???
  18. By active cooling do u mean placing like 2x80mm fans in front of the ram chips, will this be sufficent??? so i can go to 2.9v pretty safley>>>
  19. Hi guys, im overclocking my opteron 146 and i just wanna know what the max safe voltage amount is??? i have 2 120mm fans intake and exhaust and thats it, so yea might get active cooling on it later but not at the moment... how much voltage can i add to them??? im running CPU/12 divider, @ 2500atm.... what other settings are a must to have a stable ram etc... Please help me out. Thanks
  20. ohh well that sux... oh well looks like im gonna have to live with it haha
  21. Hi all my memory is running at 3-4-4-8 and for some reason memory frequency and FSB:DRAM are not showing up, they look like they are unactive how do i fix this..HELP!
  22. i set it to 9x multi and soo far its stable its been running on this clock for aroun an hour, still running prime95, what i wanna know is, can i run mu memory at 1:1 divider and run it @ 3000??? because i have to use CPU/14 divider which is 125 divider from memory... if i try decrease the divider the system will restart before loading up wondows..... HELP ME GUYS!!!
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