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  1. i dont have any thermal tape to re-attach it, also how do i take it off???
  2. SLI-DR-user, that link you sent me dosent work can you please send it again! Thanks.,.... i always thought i had bh5 snd i treated the settings etc... like bh5.... my system wont go into windows at 2-2-2-5 as rated on ram... but from reading these forums most people have 3-4-4-8 which in this case did the trick for me??? Do u tink its possible to run a 180ddr divider instead of 140 on the current clock... it maxes out on 180 divider at 2600mhz and the memory max clock i ever had was 225mhz (ddr 450) thanks
  3. can i feed upto 3.4v on tccd??? i have 3x 40mm evercool fans right above the memory modules on a custom acrylic bracket
  4. so what max voltage can i give them... says on the shops website max is 2.9v.... how much voltage can i give them etc... what are some good overclocking settings for them
  5. they havent helped... im not gonna remove heatspreaders... too risky there must be a way to find out??
  6. :confused: There are the details of my ram... im pretty shure its bh5... i highly dont think its tccd...... General Memory type DDR Manufacturer (ID) GEIL (7F7F7F1300000000) Size 512 MBytes Max bandwidth PC3200 (200 MHz) Part number CL2-2-2 UltraX400 Serial number 00020725 Manufacturing date Week 24/Year 05 CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CONFIRM WETHER ITS BH5 OR TCCD %100 PLEASE I have tried but no one was ever %100 shure.... In my sig are my memory specs..... PLEASE HELP :confused:
  7. kk will try that tommrow..... do u rekon upping my voltage on vdimm will help??? how can i find out if my ram is bh5 or tccd??? PLEASE HELP ABOUT RAM BH5 OR TCCD!!!!
  8. There are the details of my ram... im pretty shure its bh5... i highly dont think its tccd...... General Memory type DDR Manufacturer (ID) GEIL (7F7F7F1300000000) Size 512 MBytes Max bandwidth PC3200 (200 MHz) Part number CL2-2-2 UltraX400 Serial number 00020725 Manufacturing date Week 24/Year 05 what do u mean by "well have you tried going for 3ghz with the ram at 1/02 just to eliminate it" ???? i dont understand what tips u guys got HELP!!!
  9. Hi all on my current settings if i try to do 3000 prime fails after 1hr and 3mins, my current settings are: Ram freq is 208mhx running on a 140DDR divider @ 2.83v (BH5) CPU, running at 1.55v in bios and showing 1.52v in cpuz... rest of the stuff u need to know i think is in my sig?? i dont wanna increase my voltage too much or none at all if possible... when i tried running it at 3000 i upped the voltage so it was showing 1.55v in cpuz. Any suggestions/tips please
  10. yea i will, im installing my custom memory cooling bracket with 3x40mm fans on today.... should be good
  11. on 180 divider i get a max of 2600 ish so yea dosent really bother me, chips on ram are bh5 not tccd, system is about a month old
  12. here is a macro pic of the ram serial hope it helps
  13. well here is my custom bracket nearly completed, if you are wondering what xlan is, well check it out www.xlan.co.nz its NZ biggest lan ever 650 lanners :), what do u think of my dremel engraving skills ????
  14. use a divider on your ram 140ddr is good then u should get past 2.6ghz check my sig im running mine on 140 divider
  15. yea its 1.55 in bios, i upped it to 1.55 so it showed 1.55v in cpuz wen i tried to hit 3000, dont wanna increase it too much really.... just 3x40mm fans on a custom bracket made from 3mm acrylic, will post some pics once its done
  16. haha im a noob when it comes to overcloking, i havent used the max ram/ max cpu method as i dont have time lol just played around with settings
  17. cool cool, im just building some custom ram cooling atm, should be in and going in 2 days or so... do u guys think that if i up my vdimm to say 3v it will be more stable??? caus yea its a little stable if it can go at 1hour of prime...
  18. hardout lol NZ all da way.... im wanna push it to 3000mhz but it fails after 1hr of prime???? any suggestions??
  19. Its prime stable etc... dosent freeze on games etc... does that screen shot look about right???
  20. well everyone that has their memory over 2.9v has cooling on it, also been told that if im gonna go 2.8v+ is should have active cooling. Thanks
  21. lol i rekon 2.5-2.6 is easily achieved, mine is running @ 2972, if i set it at 3000 then prime fails after one hour, im getting some active cooling on my geil ultra-x and upp the vdimm abit so hopefully its gonna be stable... This same cpu did 3100 on my mates comp at 1.55v so yea... it still has more potential alltho he used ddr600 memory.... you will have to use divider tho, mine wont go past 2500 on 1:1 divider, now its set 7/10 in brio (140) im think from memory lol and its really stable does super-pi in 30.4seconds so cant complain... im gonna tru to get it under 30secs if possible. But yea i rekon you should get 2600 easily, what the stepping on your chip??
  22. all good ideas guys, i just noticed thers a molex cable passing my memory so im ognna hook all 3 of them up to that.... 3x40mm fans is my olny solution because 80mm fan or anything bigger 1. Wont fit and 2.will look crap mas my case is super tidy etc... i have attached a pic of my case, you can see the molex just to the right
  23. u rekon???, i was gonna hook all 3 wires together so like 3 fans run off 12v which is like 4v each and plug them up to 3pin socket on mobo??
  24. thats out of the guestion as then its a hassle to swap ram etc...etc...+ i have no money, will 3x40mm evercool fans we sufficent is what i wanna know, as i seen many people cool their ram with 2x40mm fans so i think that 3x40mm fans should be good, will it be safe then to run memory at 3.1v??
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