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  1. Hi guys, well finally after tweaking and tweaking I finally got this CAB2E stable @ 3002mhz  , I only tweaked voltages though.


    First I tried running it at 3ghz with 2.83v on Vdimm and 1.55v core… well that was stable for 42 mins in prime, then I thought I would undervolt my memory so I set it 2.7v at same core voltage and it was prime stable 50mins yay 8 mins more, then I thought increase vdimm to 2.93v and give cpu 0.02v more so 1.57v, OMG OMG its stable been running prime for 4 hours, please some games, did a couple of 3dmark 05.06 loops and no problems at all, im soo happy!! I can finally join the prestigious 3ghz club, max load temp was 45c so temps are all good 

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