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  1. Flowerking, are u going to xLAN???? i will be there :shake:
  2. This is what i got so far temps are great but CPUZ is showing wrong memory freq!!!!
  3. Sup, im priming it as we speak its been going for around 6 hours+ sp yea all good, will post my qualification at around 4pm nz time. Thanks
  4. i have the latest bios from the website Field Value System BIOS Date 04/06/06 Field Value Award BIOS Type Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS v6.00PG All tho i have fixed the problem now, i was wanting too much from my memory i dropped the divider to 133DDR and now its sweet
  6. how do i get all those settings and stufF?
  7. put me on the list too man, u missed me out
  8. yea hard sound good, can we get a moderators optinion or something??
  9. Well after upgrading from my ond crappy MSI K7N2 mobo with 32bit cpu, i found that on my Ultra-D the sound is much more crist and it can go quite a bit louder without distorting... very hapy with on boardsound
  10. i have added a poll on the poll forums check it out!! http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=56455
  11. Hi guys, me along with lots of other people think that this website should have a 3ghz club, we would have something extra on out avartat or have a little logo beside our sig or both... what do u guys think???
  12. NZ represent, maybe we can just make our own little 3ghz club sigs, whoos up for that???
  13. tried the 2sec HDD delay and no luck, please help me out guys, it was fine than i turned comp off and on and now its doing this!
  14. this exact cpu did 3100mhz on the guys comp i got it off do shurely it cant be the memory controller on the cpu i hope, will incresing the chipset voltage help? or ltf voltage?? any suggestions please?
  15. have you tried running a divider to get past 2.7, dam, i cant find the pic with of the cpu, how do i check what week it was made?
  16. Hi guys, i have this sinlge led problem, sometimes its ok sometimes its not, my comp will go past that splash DFI screen then hang and restart, the last led on the left side is left on. it takes a couple of restarts to get it finally working, how can i fix this.
  17. yea, i know i know, i havent had time to prime it yet, but i played 10 hours staright on Need for speed underground with fully maxed out settings, also ren 3dmarks around 10 times each.... and played bf2 for around 4 hours, normally it would of frozen by then from previous expirences at trying to run at 3000mhz ... gonna prime it soon for a long time
  18. hard, i rekon ther should be an 3ghz club and out avartar should have some little 3ghz logo or somthing, i rekon that would be cool, i think you should start a poll or something asking wether you want a 3ghz club or not, i rekon then more lazy people will try and clock theris cpu's to make it into this club, a good idea me thinks
  19. Hi guys, well finally after tweaking and tweaking I finally got this CAB2E stable @ 3002mhz  , I only tweaked voltages though. First I tried running it at 3ghz with 2.83v on Vdimm and 1.55v core… well that was stable for 42 mins in prime, then I thought I would undervolt my memory so I set it 2.7v at same core voltage and it was prime stable 50mins yay 8 mins more, then I thought increase vdimm to 2.93v and give cpu 0.02v more so 1.57v, OMG OMG its stable been running prime for 4 hours, please some games, did a couple of 3dmark 05.06 loops and no problems at all, im soo happy!! I can finally join the prestigious 3ghz club, max load temp was 45c so temps are all good 
  20. Well this is what it looks like with UV lights.... thats my rig I dont think u need normal cathodes too??
  21. mine is running at 2972mhz... i still gotta tweak it on a 140ddr divider with memory running at 218mhz, check my sig, this is running at this only at a 1.55vcore :), i dont think i can be stuffed with the extra 30mhz but will tru
  22. Yee YAAA NZ REPRESENT.... im in nz too, would you be able to help me volt mod my card??? i have no idea how to do this??? email me [email protected] Thanks
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