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  1. Well, I always like to give my DFI buds a chance to buy some of my parts for a good price, as I have bought some great stuff from them
  2. The one I am using, before water-cooling I would idle around 40c and load around 75c. Case temp is at 29c. With water cooling I now idle at 31c and load at 37c. This card I am selling has not been used, as I was going to SLI it, but did not want to spend that much on another water block, so it has sat in the box.
  3. Price lowered to $510, including shipping in the US.
  4. Price lowered to $450 each including shipping. Last price change before I put them on ebay.
  5. Yes, it would be, as long as you use the latest Nvidia drivers, which support using cards from different manufacturers for SLI, as long as they are the same model.
  6. These are still for sale. Two interested buyers were not able to come up with the money, so I still have them.
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