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  1. There are lots of people who poo poo raids, mostly those who have bought raptors and are trying to justify their purchase. They make claims of raid instability and data loss. This is easily solved with acronis trueimage.. painlessly backs up an entire partition .. also great for reinstalling windows. In any case, with my 3 wd caviars using the nforce 4 controller, I get sustained transfer speeds of 165 MB/sec... the difference between using a system with just one drive and 3 of them striped is like night and day. I'll never look back.
  2. I suspect this is a motherboard issue. The reset switch on my tower was also the problem... unless you are using the same antec full tower case that I am. Nonetheless, all is well here.
  3. I suggest removing all componants and using the "first build" guide.. I had a similar problem, which for me was caused by having the "reset switch" plugged into the motherboard. When I removed it, everything worked fine. Try that once. See if that works. If not, remove everything except one stick of ram, the cpu, and video card. Test, repeat, etc.
  4. I've heard that the cold boot issue is caused by these single rail power supplies that have all the amps on one rail.. any truth to this? Hope so, because I have an antec truepower 2 550 with the standard 2 rails, some 19 amps per rail.
  5. I've noticed the heatsink (stock opteron with heatpipes) doesn't clip down as tight on the dfi motherboard as it did on the asus. Is there a way to make it clip on tighter? Hopefully this won't present issues.
  6. heh.. I think I'll watch that next generation episode you referenced.. great one.
  7. nice rig, but swap the 4400+ with the opteron 170 for $60 less and upgrade the video card. :nod: A 7900gt will do great.
  8. there would be no point in raid 0 on a single drive... the whole reason to raid a drive is for performance. I do have a question... is it possible to run 3 drives in raid 0 on the nvidia controller and still overclock? I've heard that some can't overclock past 240htt with drives in sata 1 and 2.
  9. I like antecs myself.. the large full tower black server cases because they are full 1mm steel and I can dremel holes in them and they are nice and quiet, like tanks, and still not expensive like the silverstones. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000852OL...boutThisProduct
  10. opteron would be my choice....
  11. the 7900gt cards overclock very well and are definitely worth the 40 bucks to step up. Gains of 2000 points or more in 3dmark are pretty much the norm.
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