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  1. get either Avast or AVG for antivirus then get SpyBot S&D and Adaware for the antispy All these are abvailable from Download.com
  2. when i was building computers for various clients of mine i brough 5 mobos, none of which worked. I found out that they had been dropped in the warehouse. It could of happened to yours.
  3. lol ( not funny but is :S) i have no idea what to do, youcould try that. or put it on the radiaotr upside down of something ( may damage it though)
  4. fair enough, i used to be like untill i found a few companies that i liked and stuck with them
  5. ah ok. I have had some probs with dell in the past. In the future try Overclockers.co.uk or Aria.co.uk or Microdirect.co.uk or Ebuyers
  6. Starkey


    surly copy and paste will work? some shortcuts maynot work but you can do them manually buy [change target location]
  7. surley it doesnt come with those installed. if so wow. I must give it a try
  8. I have the XFX 7900 `xxx` edition, also with a weedy loud fan. I brought the zalman VF900 at my GPU now runs at 38deg idle and because of the 80mm fan it is practially silent. Have a look here
  9. The prob is that in europe we cant get evercool (well with out shipping) Zalman make some passive ones. I actally brought the smaller of the two and it fits and is all good, but i took it out cos i was a little scared of the temps being high. Asaka also make a Chipset fan which may also be sutiable
  10. yeah, should be no prob, as long as it has a PCI-E port it will be OK
  11. i get the Linux bug aswell, i get frustrated with windows so i run linux a while, then i start having withrdrawl (sp?) symptoms from WOW
  12. Starkey

    Windows XP

    i always say keep files just incase.
  13. Starkey

    Windows XP

    yeah delete it , it will be fine. Does anyone know why it creates the account in the first place?
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