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  1. setting it to advanced does not turn off the optimizations. you have to dissable CatAI to do that. COD2 is supposed to be profiled. However if the hardware on the board is not providing proper communication to the cards you will not see any performance increase regardless of what you re-name the file to. I had to do this to the Asus A8R32 to get good CF performance as well.
  2. Yes, I tried that too. That worked for FEAR and BF2 but not for Need For Speed Mostwanted or Call of Duty 2 it also does not work for OpenGL titles. Re-naming also did not provide the performance increase that I saw with these settings.
  3. here are the settings I have been using for X1900 and X1800 Crossfire. with this setup I see and average of 40-60% increase in many games. some games jsut do not support CF. I am able to run CF on my Opteron 170 up to 2.55GHz and onmy Opteron 146 up to 2.85GHz Give these a try, one other thing is whether you are using the onboard sound or Creative. check their wesites for updates. You can use the new realtek drivers and I know creative has newer drivers than ship with the cards
  4. I have not had any problems with 6-3 and .net 2.0 I have ahd quite a few problems with 6-4 though. I would recommend the 6-3 Cat drivers with the "chuck" patch.
  5. there was a clock issue with the Asus however one of the fixes was also the Skew adjustment. if you changed it manually it would still be off in the BIOS code by about 600ps the issue you are talking about can be corrected, in most cases by adjusting your skew to between delay 300 and 600Ps
  6. ViewSonic VX922, 1280x1024. I am using the Cat 6-3 with the "chuck" patch. also I have the CF cable going to the DVI port farthest away from the Mainboard on the slave card.
  7. I did not have to do that, I did have to make sure I had the CF cable plugged into the DVI port frathest away from the mainboard on the slave card.
  8. runing DVI to DVI? have you checked the cable? what BIOS version do you have? what Cat version are you running? I am running an X1900 set and do not have any issues with DVI. is this only in Crossfire? do you have FRAPS installed?
  9. what is happening? you say it keeps crashing, in what games or apps?
  10. what kind of PSU do you have? Which BIOS version? If you have not do so already flash to the BIOS dated 4/25/06, you will want to check out the threads on clewaring your CMOS and on how to flash the BIOS on this board.
  11. So far I have run those on a few different types of RAM, Kingston, Corsair, Geil and now PNY. Try those setting with only one type of RAM in the board and see if perhaps it is the miss matched RAM that you have in your system I think that 10 and 8 and a little loose. I could be wrong but that is the impression that I get.
  12. Well to be honest, I grabbed that bit of information from one of OCZtony's posts. But it has worked for me so I thought I would pass it along. Another thing the check is MAL (Max Async Latnecy) and PR (Read Preamble) try setting MAL to 7.0 and PR to 5.5
  13. Simonmatlby, Try a skew of: delay 450ps. that seems to be the one that works for most people I run mine at that and do not have any issues with sound
  14. I am not sure if this would happen to DFI boards. but I once had an Asus board where they forgot to put thermal tape or paste on the NB fan. you might want to check that
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