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  1. So I kicked this around for a long time and got an answer in case any ever finds the same issue. Windows Home Server needs a few discs to work well as it performs software based load balancing and does not work well with board based RAID. You give it the three discs and in the software config it allows you to select if a "volume" needs to be "mirrored" in which case it keeps it on two drives. This allows it to balance the load across the volumes available on demand. It works but its slow as hell compared to a local hardware RAID 5 assembly. As I was copying my Music/Video archive across it almost came to a halt as it performed constant re-balancing of the disc volume. Not good in this respect but I guess this is the target they are aiming for.
  2. I am in the process of moving a DFI 3200/3800x2 Mobo over to a HTPC theatre case to turn it into a home server and am having some fun. It has latest Bios and good hardware that has been run for some time. I am trying to use Windows Home Server but have an XPP64 and VistaHP as alternatives and test. I wanted to install 3 Spinpoint 500Gb SATAII in Raid5 to give 1Tb single partition using the ULi (brave/dumb?) controller as it is SATAII I had a SATA DVD-RWAM. First issue I had was that if I use the DVD on SATA and configure the RAID5 then the system would not boot through the WHS DVD, or any DVD. Just refused to boot. I moved it to the JM SATAI ports and same issue. It shows up under the boot sequence as identified. If I changed it to JBODs then it instantly recognised it and installed WHS but as a load of chunks, not so good. On installing an IDE DVD it went fine and is now booting into DVD of WHS and loading it. Now I have the RAID5 containing 3 500Gb drives as "Disc" and it loads WHS DVD and starts to configure, then asks for driver. I have tried the 2 drivers on the disc and later drivers from the DFI site and no luck. Does anyone have Windows Home Server (Windows 2003 Server crippled) drivers or any advice on what to use to let it see the R5 Array ? Ta.
  3. I have been reading for hours and have given in. Help. I am building the new machine and have an Asus Blitz with 6 SataII running off Intel ICH9R on the Mobo. I have 2 Raptor and 4 Spinpoint 500Gb. I wanted to run Vista Ultimate on the new load. RAID is wonderful, so many options, unfortunately I have to few braincells. My thoughts are RAID 10 on 4 Spinpoint to give 1Tb with 100% redundancy and 2 I/O speed Use 2 Raptor in RAID0 as windows swap file only RAID 1 on Raptor for OS only RAID 5 on 4 Spinpoint for 1.5Tb I don't desperately need the disc capacity at this point (famous last words?) but am looking to make this thing snappy so max O/S and response. Anyone got any experience with the ICH9R in this sort of configuration ? Once this bit is out of the way then I get to play again....the delay is sending me nuts but I don't want to barf it. Thanks :confused:
  4. I have reached the limits of my ability, it appears to have been a shorter journey than I had expected. Darn. Doing a big rebuild and am having a fight with RAM. Moving my stuff from RD200 Mobo to CFX3200. I had 2 sticks of OCZ P3338 in my RD and two spare bought at the same time. I have the machine up and stable with 1 stick using XP64 as a test and all is cool. I add the second stick (DIMM 2 & 4) and it runs fine. I set to 2T and then add the two remaining pairs and it sticks on C1 code on MoBo POST display..... I boot the machine with one stick at a time and they come up just fine and run. I run any combination of the two in DIMM2/4 and it works just fine... Am I going mad ? Anyone sorted this one or do I need to speak to OCZ ?
  5. Well it has been good knowing you all. I have learnt a great deal from reading your posts and thank you all. Today I sent the "goods are not of merchantable qualilty" email to Tekheads, I don't blame them at all. I have been told that it is not legal to sell goods with a fault in this manner and then not offer a resolution in a suitable time. I have informed Tekheads that I am sending the CM3200 back and expecting a full refund and I will never part with cash to DFI again. I have loaded every update, tried every component in other machines without problems, tried other peoples components in mine and they have had the same problem. I do have a uli Ghost in my machine and I am finally bored and sick of it. I am certain that other DFI boards are great but at this point this one sucks eggs in a manner that a herd of Grandmas could take lessons from. Such a small flaw but it drives you mad as the screen freezes and you have to wait for your machine to catch up. I now have an abacus by the side of the desk to allow me to continue with my Excel S/S whilst the machine stops sulking, it has improved my productivity no end. I had really high hopes for this rig but will now find a new MoBo vendor to bolt my toys into. :mad: btw the Dell 3007 is worth selling small parts of your body for....and then some.
  6. Thanks for the response. I guess this (in lightweights language) means reset Genie>RAM>CPC to disable, having cleared using JP2 ? If so, yes, repeatedly....will not get past C1 as soon as 4 sticks installed.
  7. Went to perform an upgrade today and am a little confused. I have purchased 2 more of the 1Gb sticks of the same RAM, OCZ4001024PF 3-3-3-8 Performance RAM from ebuyer to expand the system from 2Gb to total of 4Gb. Existing chips installed in Bank 1 and 3. When the new ones are inserted the system refuses to boot and I get a C1 on the POST LED. I have tried the new units in Bank 1 and 3 as a replacement for the existing ones and they work perfectly in this situation. I have run each chip in turn in Bank 1 on its own as a soak test on its own and it worked perfectly. I have tried different configurations of chips in each slot to no avail. As I am not expert to the level of a lot of you this may be obvious, I would be happy if it was ! I have removed all of the spare drives and peripherals to check PSU issues out and this has made no difference. I don't even get to the BOIS menu level as it refuses to boot outright. Between this and the "sleepy" sessions it has I am beginning to find this MoBo a little frustrating. Sensations of "bad investment" creeping in. Pity, it has been good in so many respects. Anyone got any guidance for me ?
  8. I have had the same issue since I built my system. It goes to "sleep", first the drive light goes solid, if audio is running then it starts to do a .5 second loop of the same noise constantly until the overall problem clears up, then the mouse will freeze. This will happen for some 5-10 seconds at a time. It will happen quite often during a 3-4 hour work session on the machine. No O/C has been done at this point as I am trying to exorcise the gremlins.... Drivers all updated, windows patched to the hilt....annoying. If anyone comes up with something then please feel free to update, if they have any tests they would like run then I am more than happy. SiS does not come up with anything.
  9. Okay so after 3 weeks and plenty of play I now have a good stable system Using provided ITE Smartguardian App I get CPU remains from 23C at rest to 33C under load PWMIC remains from 32-34C nearly all the time Chipset seems set on 44C and only moves slightly up under heavy load. Case is good as it has fan slots above CPU and PCI-e16 slot for cooling. Lots of room left around unit so plenty of clear air for it to ingest. 120mm fans left on slow and you cannot really hear the Video card. Raptor and Maxtor are all running smoothly as it is all installed now. Hiper 580R PSU had a lead for every unit I plugged in including Video card and all drives. Can highly recommend it as all rails stable with all peripherals running during soak testing. Quality bit of kit. Very happy with the system and would recommend it, as this is the first unit I have built from the ground up I have been surprised by the ease of integration.
  10. I have a simple Air setup and am seeing very cool running. I finished building it last week and it has been fine through 96 hour soak test and benchmarking. X1900 in top slot, 2Gb RAM in 1-3, 2 Raptors, 2 Maxtor 250 ATA133. Dual LG DVD-RW and it is running fine PCI Case, dual 120mm fans set to low of three settings (pushing in front lower, pulling out below Hiper 580R PSU. ITE software that comes with MOBo is showing 25C for A64x2, 33C for PWMIC and 44C for chipset. CPU flicks up to 30-34 under load, PWMIC does not move off 33 and Chipset is stable as anything. My case does have a slot above CPU (normal place not DFI Location !) and one for PCI-e16 which can take 80mm if needs but not really required. O/C will begin shortly as system is stable and fast.
  11. So I finally had enough time to build a machine and having seen your forum I figured I woud jump in the deep end and go for a DFI setup. To my surprise it booted first time and once I had tweaked USB/kbd and a few other bits I had XP up and running straight out of the box. Boy is this thing quick. X1900XT not to bad for noise but we will see when it gets more stressed. Raptors give very quick boot times, my lpatop is going to feel like hell after using this. Not O/C yet as I want to get all the baseine sorted and so have a couple of questions for the more experienced members out there. I have run the machine for a couple of hours at idle to let it stabilise. Stock clock at 2.2Ghz, stock voltage 1.35v. I have loaded Speedfan 4.28 to allow me to see baseline temps and am getting Temp1 24C Temp2 30C Temp3 41C HDD 30C Temp1 25C (yes there are two of them ? CPU Cores?) Cannot work out from the app which is which ? If ACPI Temp reported is CPU (Temp1 twice) then why difference ? Before I start chipping away can someone give me guidance or point me to the right locations for some system temps and where to aim for max/play/idle ? Tasks left to do Bios upgrade Fit Maxtor 250's (not yet in place) RAID the 360's to increase performance (0) Play.....
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