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  1. I read your mobo manual. You are suppose to run the duel channel in slots 1&2 or 3&4 only. To get to your problem if I read your sig right you are running your FSB at 420 the ram you are using is only 400. Try backing your FSB down to 400 and set your memory to 100%. See if that helps also you might need to increase dimm voltage a little if it won't void your warrenty. I do not know much about Samsung ram when I got into overclocking I started using OCZ and have never used anything else, you get what you pay for. I have had OCZ's 3200 up to 410mhz dual channel but my cpu did not want go any more without more volts and I got scared LOL.
  2. Ok so I am really board at work. So here it goes only type one word replys. Try to be whitty or crazy with it. Here is mine: SMEGMA
  3. OK so I will just hook up my SATA drive and Install op sys. I have a cd burner and a dvd burner on ide 2 so can I still use ide 1 for the regular drive.
  4. I have a friend that is probably going to buy me a raptor SATA. I have a MAXTOR 60 gig IDE 8 meg cache. Can I run both at the same time. I do not want to run raid. I would like to run the raptor as the main drive and the maxtor as storage. Any thoughts?
  5. SIREX

    Cd Key!

    I bought the game when it first came out, which was I don't know how long ago. I have good news.. I save all my boxes so I just boxed it up and exchanged it at walmart. I emailed EA and still have not had any response. So I am back on line killin and chillin
  6. SIREX

    Cd Key!

    I would like to know if any of you know how he/she did it. I have a new one coming. I would like to try to prevent this from happining again. I am running norton firewall and norton anti virus. I do spyware scans all the time. I have anti trogan to. Can someone go thru the game itself?
  7. SIREX

    Cd Key!

    I am running norton firewall and norton anti virus. I have had a lot of attacks lately with them trying to put trogen horses on my machine. Any way I can find this @sshole. I know some of you guys are elite help me out.
  8. SIREX

    Cd Key!

    Someone some how got my cd key for bf 1942 Any thoughts?? I AM SO [email protected]
  9. SIREX

    Dc .5 Is Out!

    Just wanting to let you guys know. You can get it here. BF1942files
  10. Sounds like a case for Judge Joe Brown. Sorry I feel for you just could not resist
  11. SIREX

    Dc Server Is Up!

    I will be in tomorrow. Can you add dc oilfields and battle of 73 east. I can not wait to frag your @sses I am at work now and have school tomorrow so tommorrow evening I will be there hope see some of you guys
  12. For bf1942 go here http://www.bf1942files.com/ Try to run a dessert combat server pleasssse
  13. Don't buy either of those. Buy a Chaintech Zenith Ultra 7NJS go look up the specks you will be amased at what it has. Also has very nice o/c features. I am not flaming the other boards just giving you more to think about
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