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  1. Where are you at in Atlanta? I'm going to up in GT starting the 15th is when I move in. School starts the 21st, but I'll have access to the saw around September. It all depends where you are...
  2. Great! Go for the Arctic 12 fan then. They are good fans. Many people here at DFI-Street run Arctic Cooler 64's and many people like the fans as well. You shouldn't have any problems mounting it outside.
  3. Just so you should know though, currently even the fastest hard drives* can't even saturate the bandwidth of SATA I let alone SATA II. *However, some very fast drives (10,000 RPM and up) have burst speeds that do saturate SATA I bandwidth, albeit very shortly. Thec concept of SATA II is very much like SLI X16. Currently the fastest video cards can't even saturate the 8X PCI-e bandwidth level, so giving each card 16X is overkill. Thats why benchmarks of ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe are basically identical to the DFI Experts. See the article at anandtech. Just search "DFI Expert".
  4. Okay... well.. you may want to check out this Danish website. I know you can't read it (unless you read Danish) but the tables are interesting nonetheless. Linkz0r herez0r. EDIT: Supplier in Canada for Yate Loons. But... out of stock... http://www.adpmods.com/case-modding/YATE-L...-12-p-1776.html. If you do get Yates, I recommend undervolting Yates, I would probably even undervolt the Arctic 12. But you may want to see if loudness is within your acceptable range.
  5. I know a lot of people are big fans of the Arctic Cooling fans. They look promising, especially at half the price of the Nexus fans. From what I hear they are generally all pretty quiet. I have no experience of the Coolermasters so I wouldn't be able to hand down a judgement at all. Oh, BTW, are you planning to undervolt your fans?
  6. No problem. Seeing those sites there. My first recommendation would still be the Nexus fans. My second recommendation would be the Panaflo fans. Panaflos are also very good. They are about on par with price to the Nexus fans. You may have noticed the SilenX fans on the Big Foot Computers site. Although they advertise 14 dB at 78CFM. Their testing methods are extremely flawed. However, since their dB rating is so flawed, I really don't believe their CFM rating at all either. So who knows how many CFM it pushes out? I would say, buyer beware. If you decide to buy them, keep that in mind. Like I said, I still vouch for the Nexus fans. You won't be dissapointed.
  7. Well... if your in it for kicks... go for it then! Remember 1.65 is probably the max on air for a day to day basis. You can do suicide runs at even higher volts. But key word "suicide" runs. But remember, if your processor happens to fry (unlikely), I take no responsibility for the frying. I'm just saying... 1.65 is generally regarded as the limit. Every processor/computer/heatsink is different though.
  8. ProCooling has a guide on changing out caps on a mobo. You may read it to see if you could glean any tips. Linkage is herez0r... Hope it helps! EDIT: You can buy Japanese made low-ESR caps made by Sanyo at Digikey.
  9. Low CFM on both the PA 120.2 and the CoolRad 22-T. Also low to mid CFM on the Stealth 240. I recommend Yate Loon's on the Radiator. Very Cheap and insanely quiet. Nexus fans are the exact same as Yate Loons but rebranded. They have tighter quality control and spin at a lower RPM, even more quiet. For high performance to noise level. Papst fans are really good. I think they spin at 67 CFM at 32 dB. Very good fans for any of the 3 radiators above.
  10. Trust me... you'll hardly notice the difference in real life applications from 2.8 ghz to 3.0 ghz. The 3.0 ghz mark is more of... self satisfaction and degree of hardcoreness than anything else. Plus you'll have kickass benchmarks.
  11. Thats the general consensus. I wouldn't even go to 1.65 on air. If I had air cooling (I used to, Thermaltake Golden Orb II), I would go to 1.6 max.
  12. I'm with everyone else up there 7900GT definitely over the 7800GTX.
  13. If you can find a hole saw, it'll make quick work of it. You don't necesarilly have to have the dremel.
  14. Its pretty good yeah. I would either recommend that or a Coolingworks CoolRad 22-T. Thermochill PA 120.2 if you can afford it. The Street is mostly in the Stealth 240 camp though. You really can't go wrong with it...
  15. The Antec TPII Series have been very good and also fairly reasonably priced. The Seasonic PSU's are just about the quietest PSU's around. Both are on the recommended PSU list.
  16. I still maintain MCE. Its cheaper than XP Pro while being the EXACT SAME PRODUCT but only with Domains disabled (but you can reenable them). You may ask, why would Microsoft do such a thing? The answer is they wanted to spread into the Living Room from the Office Room. Thus, XBOX 360 Media Center Features tying in with MCE 2005. If you ever wanted a TV Tuner. Its MUCH EASIER to work with MCE. Not VIVO, a tv tuner...
  17. OH!!! Thank you very much! No wonder I see banners of "Vortum" dangling everywhere! Even in games the dutch don't play. Like the Amsterdam 6. FC Porto was playing Manchester United at Ajax's home stadium There were banners everywhere... it only made me more pissed because I didn't know what it meant.
  18. I'm a big soccer fan and Dutch soccer is my favorite style. However, in the big games, whether they be the national team or club teams like Ajax. I always see the word "Vortum" dangling from the walls. What does this mean? I would appreciate it if a person who spoke the language could translate that for me. Thanks.
  19. I dunno, I'm sorta on the fence about the GeekSquad article. On one hand, I know they are incompentent because I had a friend's girlfriend's dad take his computer there (Basically, the dad of the girlfriend of my friend... lol). His HD died. They installed a new HD, but no avail. After taking it to my tech savvy friend (but a traitor nonetheless, he's an ASUS fan), he did it with a new HD... AND a BIOS clear. Worked fine after that. But this man derides an entire company due to 1 experience. That seems a bit harsh to me. Even with my experience, thats only 2. Sure they charge high prices, but if the customer takes it to them... well... its the customers fault for not shopping around.
  20. Buy the DangerDen D5. Its the exact same as the Swiftech D5. And there is a 20% off coupon code for Dangerden. Save on shipping by buying from the same store, as well as save on price due to coupon. The coupon is "PAGLAN06". Apply coupon code at checkout.
  21. First off, use the orange slots for RAM. Manually set your timings and voltages. Make sure your speed is manually set to DDR500 speeds. Once you've done that, and still won't run. Run Memtest, make sure you have your RAM in the orange slots.
  22. Ohhh..... I thought you meant you wanted a Google quantum pc. Didn't realize you wanted us to Google a quantum pc. My bad...
  23. Lol, you really do like your quantum PC's... thats your second post about one already...
  24. Off-topic, but check out General Septem's "IHS Removal Guide" as demonstrated on a bagel over at Youtube. Its entertaining.
  25. Windows MCE. Great if you have a TV Tuner and necessary if you plan on buying a good one. Does everything XP Pro does because Windows MCE IS XP Pro SP2 but with added Media Center Functionality.
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