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  1. nForce 4 SLI! Though my friend has nForce x16
  2. OOO... nice... Asetek Vapochill...
  3. I'm going to call you out on this momma. Not "Angry" anymore, but "Happy".
  4. Wow! But think of it this way. After this massive order, you'll have plenty of dough to enjoy and drink off the bad experience!
  5. Okay, so once you get the chip off. How do you get the new BIOS chip on?
  6. Is this just the HR-05 or are we talking about the HR-05 SLI edition? If it is the HR-05 SLI edition, does anyone have any word if it will work in an Expert?
  7. If you do decide to get a new PSU. The Street really like the OCZ GameXStream 700W. If that is too pricey, then the OCZ 600W should fit the bill nicely. My personal favorite is the Seasonic 600W because I'm really into quiet computing.
  8. I dunno about that if its not on the recommended list. You may want to post another thread asking specifically for the PSU or if you have a multimeter/voltometer you can actually measure your 12V rails. Rosewills are advertised as 12V but sometimes run as low as 11.45 (NOT GOOD!). Like I said, I would ask if anyone has any experience with this PSU. The Expert board is extremely demanding and very picky of PSU's. It may very be a great PSU. But I can't judge. Hopefully someone else has more experience of this PSU.
  9. The timings on PC4000 are looser than PC3200, however its faster and has more bandwidth than PC3200 so its still faster. I would recommend you get the Expert if you go Nvidia and the 3200 if you go ATI. I would get a Opteron 146 for overclocking. I would get a different PSU. Look on the Recommened PSU Thread (search the forums for it).
  10. Yeah, once you're registered for step up. They let you step up even if it goes over the 90 days in which you recieve your card. Example. If you step-up'ed on the 70th day but EVGA is out of stock. Even if on the 90th day you still don't get your card, they still let you step up. Also, they do make cards for step ups. My friend stepped up from a 7800GT to a 7900 GT and the 7900GT was sold out. He still got it in like 1 week. I missed the stepup from the 7800GT to 7900GT by 6 days. I was pissed.
  11. My case looks like .. All the wires for peltiers hanging. No cable management. It really looks like crap. But then again, I don't have a window for my case. So noone can see the crap.
  12. Use 12 or 13 for your Trfc. You want that about 2-3 values higher than the Trc. If it is still unstable, go to 14.
  13. Use the setup. My friend stepped from a 7800gt he got for 299 to a 7900gt for 299. He only paid 15 bucks shipping.
  14. You don't need fans over the MOSFETs. They already have heatsinks on them and they add minimal heat to the loop if you get it. But if you do get it, Do the CPU+Mosfets on one loop and GPU+Chipset on the 2nd. That way you balance out the high temp stuff like the CPU and the GPU because the chipset and MOSFETS give out negligble heat compared to the CPU and GPU.
  15. The second loop is sorta superfluous. If you have loads of money to burn, go for it. But there are so many better upgrades you can do to our computer than that.
  16. I run TCCD Ram at DDR [email protected] a 1T command rate (3-3-3-8) with voltages of 2.8 and it absolutely fine. The temperatures you'll need to kill your RAM are far higher than the voltages you need to get there. Even if I run 2.9volts (max through TCCD) its still much lower than the volts needed to get extremely high temps. And by that time, my voltages will kill my RAM before my temps do.
  17. I have about 9500 or 9600 songs. I compress music to 192kpbs MP3 or in some cases, Apple Lossless. It works great for the timeless classics like "Bohemian Rhapsody". You really hear every nuance in his voice.
  18. Get the Expert. I have the same PSU you have and it works great with the Expert.
  19. Opteron on the way. Make sure you get a good stepping or you'll be crying when it doesn't overclock like you think it can. But even average to "bad" steppings can still get to 2.6ghz at least. Still a fair OC.
  20. Two pumps I can recommend. The first is more suited toward you. 1. Laing D5 2. Laing DDC Ultra (or its called the Rev 2) w/ Alphacool Top Mod The Laing D5 (Swiftech MCP655) is a hassle free install.
  21. Opteron 148 CAB2E 0547 GPMW. I can get 2.8ghz at 1.552 vcore. This stepping doesn't go far on stock voltages (relatively), but seems to scale extremely well with voltage. Strong cooling preferred.
  22. The chipset temps stand in stark contrast to the rest of my temps. I was dreading taking the mobo off. Its a pain in the butt w/ my setup. Yes, stock cooling. I might just have to buy the Evercool..
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