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  1. No joke. Plus, what about WASD?!? I couldn't bear using any other keys.
  2. Do you have a heat or a eBay rating? I would just like to double check.
  3. Good RAM. Brainpower 808 is very nice. About 10-15 mhz over Brainpower 818 PCB's.
  4. The Thermalright is a very good passive cooling solution. The Evercool is quiet and very good active solution. Many DFI'ers use it.
  5. I'm taking Pre-Med at GATech. I have to take summer courses anyways.
  6. Totally agree. Track down 93% Isopropyl alcohol or even Arctic Clean. Put it on a Q-Tip, and start dabbing it all over where you see the residue to try to get the PC-Ice off. Clean, let evaporate. Clean some more, let evaporate. I hope you learned your lesson.
  7. Yeah, thats depending on the school. 15 hours is the norm here. 12 hours to stay as a "full-time" student.
  8. Yeah.... I play CS at a 12.3 sensitivity on a 2000 DPI mouse. I don't think I could pull off the same feeling on a 800DPI mouse at 20.0 sensitivity. Also, the higher the DPI, the better tracking it has for tough to make shots. I understand this isn't a gamers mouse. But thats why gamers love the G5/Copperhead.
  9. Go to GA. Atlanta is the fastest growing city in America. Extremely affordable housing. Good schools (especially higher education, no tuition due to HOPE scholarship!). Great weather. And plus, ATL is much safer than everyone else makes it out to be. Plus, the suburbs just rock. Oh, and cheap houses you can buy. Lots of tech jobs due to the fast expansion of the city.
  10. So school has started for me. I have been on this forum considerably less due to a busy first week. GA Tech is super hardcore. I think #3 ranked in Engineering Colleges (MIT, Stanford). Homework every night. After a busy first week, I'm ready to settle back into DFI-Street. How has everyone else's first week? I'm a freshman here. Biomedical Engineering. CALC 1501 CHEM 1310 + 3 hours lab BIOL 1510 +3 hours lab ENGL 1101 Total= 15 semester hours. I have a very busy schedule, my labs kill any free time I have.
  11. ewww.... G5 FTW! Interchangeable weights are hardcore! I actually use mine...
  12. I hate the new system! I hate how some things constitute as "gaming" memory. And yet the OCZ 2x512 2-2-2-5 timing RAM isn't rated as "gaming" memory. I really hate how the choose it and it is a huge hassle to find browse. E-mail sent!
  13. True dat. Though I don't have as many tubes.
  14. I want to be a crown prince of a rich country. Being a prince of a poor country is no good.
  15. Overclocking has less to do with the multiplier and more to do with the quality of the cores. Thats why even if you have a FX-60 and an unlocked multiplier, its still not like you'll hit 4.0ghz. As a matter of fact, most FX-60's clock to around the same speed a good stepping 165 will hit.
  16. Yate Loons, or Nexus for silence. Nexus and Yate Loons are the same fan, but Nexus fans spin at a lower RPM. I totally agree, the Scythe fans are really quiet. I can't remember, it may be the Scythe E thats a 800RPM fan, silent as anything. The Scythe F is perfect for undervolting as with Papst fans.
  17. Personally I think TEC cooling is rather stupid with anything other than water. Its really too expensive to justify the cost of using TEC's on Air.
  18. I wouldn't. The MCP350 by Swiftech is the DDC Revision 1 which means only 12w of motor power. The DangerDen DDC is the Revision 2 which is 18w of motor power. That results in close to a extra meter of head. The Revision 2's is rated to 4.7 meters of head. For best usage, you would change the barbs out on that pump from 1/4'' (or maybe 3/8'' I don't remember) to 1/2'' barbs by doing an easy mod.
  19. My next PSU upgrade is going to be either the OCZ GameXStream 700W or, my personal favorite the Seasonic 600w because they are just so friggin quiet.
  20. Lol... phase is nice, but Peltier owns...
  21. Damn man, you guys look badass with the cigarette and the pose.
  22. What 165 Steppings are non-coldbugged? I have fairly strong cooling so mostly I would like to know what steppings can hit 3ghz at around -20C.
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