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  1. Download the Coolbits Registry hack. Also run Rivatuner from Guru3D. You should be able to OC even that card a little bit.
  2. Thanks, I got some AS5 and some Artic Clean at home. Do you have particular Passive NB you have in mind? You see, all the passive NB's I've seen are too big. I have a 7800gt w/ a huge AC Silencer on it (Rev 3.). I'm just afraid it would get in the way of the North Bridge. The good thing about the Gigabyte NB cooler, is that is very low profile. However, from the mobo layout, it doesn't seem the graphics card would even touch the NB. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  3. This is the RAM I bought: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820146890 My question is, how do I know if this is a TCCD module and if it runs the Brainpower 808 PCB? If it isn't a TCCD module I can still return it.
  4. hmm... this is a hairy problem, the (y') on the right hand side of the equation makes it difficult. Is it legal to directly integrate the right hand so (y') will become (y). Sorry, I'm only in AP Calculus AB. LOL, this problem is good practice, my AP exam is tomorrow.
  5. My north bridge fan is loud. Well, loud for me. I hate actively cooled north bridges. I have a Gigabyte mobo, K8N-PRO SLI. Its not a bad motherboard. I was wondering if I could rip the passive NB cooler on that and put it on my DFI. Would there be any detrimental effects? I do have my computer overclocked. I just got it for a few days now. I'm burning it in w/ a FSB of 275 on a 10x multiplier and a RAM divider of 7/10 w/ timings of 2-2-2-5 and a command rate of 1T. Would OC'ing cause the northbridge to run too hot for an passive cooler? Come to think of it, I'm not even sure what north bridges are supposed to be running at... what is "hot" for a north bridge?
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