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  1. Here's some tips for you. Keep track of all the little screws! They are often slightly different by only very little. So, get a ice cube holder. The things you put water in and stick them into the fridge. Those plastic things. Put all the different nails in the little compartments of those and try not to get them mixed up. I've never taken my laptop apart, but that advice was on a guide I read somewhere.
  2. For passive solutiong the Thermalright HR-05 SLI should fit the bill nicely. On the chipset.
  3. Dude, for that budget? Definitely the Thermochill PA120.2, you might wanna get some super quiet fans the Scythe Ninja (E or F) I can't remember. But its only 800CFM and is dead silent. For a bit more loud, Nexus's fans or undervolted Yates. Undervolted Papst's are actually my personal favorite.
  4. I would have recommeneded the Thermochill PA120.2, however, he is on a budget. I don't know if he wants to spend 90-100 pounds on his whole system, or is that just for his radiator. If price is no concern, then go for the Thermochill PA120.2 and pair with 2 Nexus fans or 2 Scythe Ninja fans (E or F version, I can't remember). 2 Yate Loons would work extremely well as well. The fan recommendation go for all 3 radiators.
  5. The stingray has like a tail. On the tip of the tail there is a barb on it. If touched by the tip, you get stung. Now people rarely die from getting stung. It hurts a lot, but they rarely die. The reason this is a freak accident is because not only was Steve swimming above the Stingray, but the barb happened to sting him on his heart. Extremely rare and freakish.
  6. Coolingworks CoolRad 22-T. Get it and you won't regret it. Maybe easier to hunt down in the UK would be the Danger Den Black Ice GTS 240 Stealth. Also a very good radiator.
  7. Ahh... in all honesty. Pre-Calculus (Analysis) is probably harder than Calculus. You learn a lot of the foundations of Calc in Analysis. Make sure you learn them well. Especially limits. Limits are the basis of all calculus. Make sure you know your trignometry. Especially your identities and KNOW YOUR UNIT CIRCLE! But other than that, Calculus is pretty easy. Calculus has a lot of application that make it hard to people to grasp. Calculus is all about application and real world examples. Thats why people usually do bad in calculus. Their grasp of the concept only can help them through theoretical equations, but they really don't understand enough about calculus to actually apply it. The hardest thing for me to grasp in Calculus was rate-of-change equations.
  8. Oh, now I think I know what your talking about. The paragraph long equations you have to write using sigma? If thats what your talking about. Those are really gay too.
  9. Oh, no doubt. Are you talking about drawing the rectangles with the left, right, and midpoint rectangles? Then adding them all up. Oh god, thats a hassle.
  10. Great seller. Clarifys all your questions and issues. I wouldn't hesistate to do business with him.
  11. Great quote from one of his close friends. Stainton told reporters in Cairns. "He died doing what he loved best and left this world in a happy and peaceful state of mind. He would have said, 'Crocs Rule!'" From Comcast.net which they took from the Associated Press.
  12. RIP Steve. It is very sad that their 2 children will never get to really know the man that is the Croc Hunter. However, I'm sure this is the way Steve probably wanted to go, doing what he loved best.
  13. Last thing to clarify. Pics of the Alphacool and the pump? I would like to verify the pump is the 18W version and not the weaker 12W version.
  14. So true, so unbelievably true. You just said exactly what I was going to say. I really don't think you should dump your Expert for the Ultra-D or the SLI-DR. I wouldn't even dump the Expert for the 3200, the benefits aren't worth it to me. Of course if I bought a new mobo right now I would buy the 3200, but I wouldn't upgrade to it.
  15. Doesn't it defeat the purpose of a passive cooler if you added fans? Buy the Thermalright HR-05 SLI for passive cooling. The Evercool VC-RE for active.
  16. Interested in the RAM if you want to part out.
  17. Would you guys recommend BF2? My friend just bought it and wants me to buy it. But I've heard its really buggy, and I just read a thread about how the 1.3 patch of BF2 is making it crash all the time. Is it worth it? If so, is buying the Special Forces expansion pack worth it?
  18. E-sport! I watch all the important CS matches live on HLTV and there hasn't been a single sport that gets me as riled up as a hardcore CS match.
  19. Got it guys. I tackled Epsilon Delta for a good hour to figure this out. I retook college calculus as I've heard it is harder than AP Calculus. I was right. I got a 5 on the AP Calc AB exam, but I'm thankful I retook college calculus. Riemann sums aren't that bad. What I really hate volume rotations with Integrals. L' Hopitals rule is my favorite.
  20. Wow, sounds like a lot of floating money too...
  21. Okay, I'm pretty damn sure that the DFI-Street user base is far more intelligent than your regular forum. Thus, I will be counting on that when I ask my question. I need someone to explain to me the Epsilon-Delta Proof of a limit (formal definition of a limit) in easy simple to understand terms. I've looked at my notes, asked my TA and my Prof, and looked at several online websites. But I just can't wrap my head around Epsilon-Delta. Use "e" as epsilon and "d" as delta.
  22. Jet engines are high-grade composite plastic? I didn't know that. I always thought they were metal. PS: I'm not a conspiracy theorist.
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