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  1. Found the problem all is good running 2.94 mem at 250 = DDR500 24/7 Incase it helps someone else The top vid card is in the first back slot. On my case not enough room for the DVI to plug all the way in. Cut 18 of an inch of the top of the DVI plug plasitc all is good. It was holding it out about 1/16 to 3/32's just enough to get video...just not good video. Thanks for all your help
  2. or run stock fsb and set your memory to 250 = DDR500
  3. 600w $89 $59 after rebate http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817171008
  4. LOL plug and play I have 6 DFI boards got all of them to run & run very fast. But my abit intel boards are just as fast without the trouble. All installs take some reading & research DFi takes reading, research, flashing, reflashing, and three times as long if you want to use everything it offers. Like I said it offers the most why I fight with the install.....after it's going they run very fast.
  5. link on this page tells you what chips are in what memory.....warning pop-ups not from theraptorpit from the link. Good link for info http://www.theraptorpit.com/forums/index.p...c=957&hl=memory
  6. Well it wasn't the expert.....put the DR-SLI U back in same problem with overclocking. took out the 1kw psu put back the enermax still no go. Only thing left is the vapo LS it's running seperate I start it with it's own switch. who knows my water cooling was only 10C higher so being 10C colder should make no difference :confused: giving up for awhile runs stock clock NP's......but who wants to do that!
  7. I have plextor & a maddog have always used plextor but the maddog is just as fast so far problem free and 60% the price http://www.compusa.com/products/product_in...3658&pfp=BROWSE
  8. down to 2 sticks ...tried my OCZ same problem Yes 2T Bios from this site 0406BTA.BIN also tried the newest from DFI. I may just pull the expert and go back to my DR-SLI U back to pci sata card and onboard sound
  9. Newegg has the ocz 520 for $134 $109 after rebate http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817711002 Just saw it sorry
  10. Looks good Things I would change WD 250 gig sata II/300 faster $90 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16822144701 I haven't had much luck with the patriot I would use OCZ overclocks ok, Or Corsair XMS either PC4000 or higher if you want to OC...maybe drop to 1 gig and faster mem. Corsair same price...I use Geil PC4400 Ultra-X best timing I have found 2-3-3-5 at 280=560 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820145596 I have had 2 of those psu's go bad on me :confused: I do beat my stuff into the ground. $149 520w OCZ ( I buy all my vid cards from them very fast shipping) http://www.etoys4less.com/product_info.php...products_id=759 Video Cards http://www.etoys4less.com/index.php?cPath=1_63 For gaming and keeping the price down XFX 7600GT XXX clocked a little higher or as iamkoza said 7900GT http://www.etoys4less.com/product_info.php...roducts_id=1852
  11. I checked my power needs here and it said I needed 1255w http://www.theraptorpit.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=974 At times I have up to 4 400 gig sata II USB drives plugged in. cullend11 & icon57 It's staying the right colors even after the 1000 re-boots LOL No sleep in 2 days. going to get this thing to OC :mad:
  12. Thanks for all the help Got the color fixed I have a switch on the front of the case to reset cmos did that over & over. tried all the bios up-dates. Ended up trying something a friend pm'ed me LOL wiggle and plug the vid cards in & out while it's booting. It worked. It still says no video (4 th light) until it boots to windows.....no big deal as long as it works. But still can't get any fsb to be stable. old DR settings on my extreme water cooling (-75F fluid temp -10C chip temp) 13X225 HT5 1.4v mem 1:1 2-3-3-5 fastest. 24/7 stable 13x277 HT4 1.475 mem 1:1 2-3-3-5 all 3d benchies 14X245 HT4 1.575 mem 1:1 2-3-3-5 only ran CM 8 & 9 did try any others 14X255 HT4 1.675 mem 1:1 2-3-3-5 fastest all but 3d2001 (first FX is now paper wieght after that run) But on this one even 13x210 is not stable....running 14X205 HT5 mem at 250 2-3-3-5 GripS I had the 680w on top last time & 600w enermax on the bottom. both 512's hooked to the 680 and if I oc'ed the 512's at all it would crash. So I put one card on the 680 & one on the 600 and no more problems. I'm just hoping the 1kw is not the problem right now maybe I need to split the cards again. But last time it only crashed when OC'ing the vid cards. I even put the stock bios back on the vid cards. I changed the vid bios for more juice.
  13. viper87227 I did one DR-SLI Ultra took over 8 weeks just bought another one. Using expert new biuld not working right no overclocking any fsb change crash in windows. Have one DR that works well overclocks very nice but with 512 cards I lose 2 sata ports. I also have asus A8N SLI (much better board) but with 512's in SLI you can't use any of the 8 sata ports. I don't like DFI boards none of them just install & run.....but they do seem to be ahead of everyone when it comes to total use......just soooo many bugs.
  14. It's not the cards they work fine in my DFI SLI DR Ultra. And the 4 256 cards I tried worked fine in the expert MB. I'm thinking bad MB or bios or bios setting. Thanks
  15. Anyone have any input? thanks in advance. Problem I have 2 XFX 7900 512's Got it to boot by pulling cards in & out The bottom light stays on until I get to windows 32 & 64 My bios letters are yellow.....all my white is yellow & blue green. Samething either card SLI or no SLI. If I put in XFX 7800 256's or evga 7800 256's NP Only the 7900 512's They were working fine on the NF4 DR SLI Ultra. But they were covering 2 of the 8 sata ports and very close together. I'm using the lastest bios & newest drivers. I use the turbo cool 1kw to power the MB, vid cards & 4 raptors. And the thermaltake 680w to power the other 4 drives 2 400's & 2 500's and 5 case fans. The expert MB & turbo cool 1kw are the only new parts. I have been using the 7900's for almost one month. Any thought? would be great thanks. Was using audigy z2 took it out.....no change
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