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  1. Thanks I've gone for the Corsair 520w, I couldn't stretch the budget to the 620w.
  2. Hi, my 580w Hiper psu has died I think, and I need some advice on which new on to get. I'd like a quiet one like the Hiper was, and something that would have plenty of juice for my next build down the line (probably quad core). Many thanks.
  3. OK, I've been having a read around and to be honest I am finding it a bit tough to take it all in. Here are the memory settings according to cpuz, do these look ok ? Also is there an idiots guide to overclocking ? Thanks.
  4. My download speeds seem to be slow on my new system, but ok on my old pc. Is there a way to resolve this ? Edit- Just rebooted router after sticking cable in the bottom lan port and that seems to be ok.
  5. Are ther any pictoral guides for setting up the Bios on the Ultra-D ?
  6. Hi Lithotech, I completed my build this weekend and the Freezer Pro fitted like a dream when I rotated the clip. Thanks for the advice you gave.
  7. Thanks Dublin, I will go and have a look at the Bios guides now.
  8. Thanks but I am now up and running. I could do with a bit more advice though. I have updatedmy bios to the latest official release but I don't know what settings to change to get the best out of my setup, especially fsb and memory settings. One last thing is it took about 40 mins to do a full format of a 208gb partition, is this normal for a sata2 drive ? Thanks again.
  9. Hey, it says X1APCCP. That's weird as I have installed it before but I don't have any discs to upgrade from ? I had a Windows 98 disc but I gave it my sister years ago. Edit - Forgot to say thanks.
  10. Ok, now windows xp is trying to wind me up. I have a full legit version of xp pro, yet when I put it in the drive and start the setup process it say's it is an upgrade disc and I have to put an xp home, win98 etc disc in to verify. I've installed it many times on my system before over the years and it's never done this before.
  11. One more thing, after I did the bios reset thing I left the speaker jumper in the on position. Should I put it back to off or doesn't it matter ? Thanks.
  12. Wahey, I was just about to remove the cpu when I noticed the little 4 pin power connector had somehow unplugged itself. Plugged it in and powered up, worked first time. Boy do I feel stupid. Now to look around and see what Bios settings to use. :shake:
  13. I installed the components outside the case on the foam the board came on. Then I installed it into the case. I think this afternoon I am going to start like you said going down to basics. The cpu fitted like a dream, but will check it. Hope it's not broken.
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