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  1. I installed windows - things went well. Now I need to load up the disk from DFI that came with the board, I remember from some thread that there was something I shouldn't install on it - but can't find the thread. So when installing the DFI disk is there anything that I shouldn't install? Thanks
  2. The cd/dvd rom I had was bad - put in another and it works fine - the floppy also loooks like it works ok. The SATA drive is in and the bios recognizes it as well as the cd/dvd and floppy. So am I good now to go ahead and install windows? As I understand it XP has all the drivers I need. thanks for the help -
  3. Just got my DFI board back and got it to boot to bios on my desk. However now that I am faced with the rest of the installation I have a couple of questions - I installed mobo in case and it still boots to bios fine - Can't seem to get my cd/dvd rom to connect, I connected it using IDE 1 on mobo - connected power and nothing - do I need to set it up in bios first? Does the floppy connect to the connector FDD on mobo? Where does my Sata drive connect on my mobo- in lower right corner of board where it has printed SATA8, SATA7, SATA6, SATA5 - but there are no connectors to plug into - looks like in manual and on quick install guide that there should be plastic sockets to plug into - As you can see I am very new to this - appreciate any help. Are there any guides pertaining to what I am doing now - looked for some but could'nt find any. thanks
  4. Well..... I got my new Bios form BiosMedic this morning, and you guessed it - no change whatsoever. Still have 4 LED lights showing and no CPU noise at all. So would you guess a bad CPU or mobo? I think at this point I should return both. I have 8 days before my 30 day return is up. I still want the same chip and mobo. How can I return both to make sure - I cant say for certain which is bad? A big thanks to BiosMedic - He has a great service and is very quick also.
  5. Thanks for the help - couple questions What CPU's will my board boot to. Going to try and find a chip while waiting for the BIOS. Why would DFI not include the Opteron 165 chip on their BIOS? I see plenty of people's sigs using the same combination that I have. Seems like it should boot from the factory to all 939's Chips.
  6. I did Clear the CMOS and no change. I also reseated the CPU, I was aware of the 4 LED lights and realized that the problem might be with the CPU. Like Vark asked - I don't hear anything except the fans starting up - no processing sounds. I read for a couple of weeks on several forums prior to getting this setup - this is the first I have heard of this board bios not recognizing the Opteron 165 chip. So that may well be the problem. I dont know anyone around that has a AMD chip that I could borrow to hot flash the bios - that would be great, but that resource is not available to me. I did find Tmod's biosmedic on the web, thanks - I think I might just buy a bios chip that is ready to go for this processor and be done with it - hopefully this will get me up and running. I had to wait over a week to get all the parts, been trying to get this running several days - I fast see my 30 day return oportunities fading waiting for the bios Thanks for the help - anything else I can try?
  7. I did and still no change - one prob is that this is the only video card I have all others are agp. Thanks
  8. I have gone through the tutorial step by step and rechecked everything many times. When I turn on the power on mobo, fans start, four red led lights come on in corner of board - but no display - green light on monitor is blinking. When I unplug monitor cable from card I get the "Check Signal Cable" message flashing on screen. Only using one stick of memory. No Beeps or anything. Any sugesstions - thanks
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