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  1. i got 0617 and im at 2.7 on stock, havent been working on it much.
  2. I finally got a CCBBE 0617 and I'm AMAZED. 2.7 @ 1.35 8 hrs 49mins! Max temp hit was 48*C!
  3. wow I didnt read this is for OCCT I'm stupid.
  4. http://www.emvee.ca/product_info.php?products_id=715 BACK IN STOCK!?
  5. Should I just get one from newegg ($159) and try to get lucky?
  6. Is it possible to call Newegg or Monarch and ask what stepping they are shipping out for opteron 165?
  7. Please post what steppings you get and from where I'll buy one if its CCBBE! I dont want my CCBWE anymore
  8. I have an opteron 165 ccbwe 0607 upgw stepping that does 2.5 max Should I order one from Monarch? I would want to get an awesome stepping this time. Should I risk it or get one from flickerdown/tankguys?
  9. Is there a way to run dual OCCT?
  10. Glad to hear that I'll have to wait till Flickerdown or Tankguys gets them I dont wanna go to eBay
  11. I know 3.0 is not easy, but I atleast want to get 2.8 With my 0607 I hit 2.5 and I think its holding my computer back for games because I feel I would gain much more with 2.7-2.8
  12. Wow! that's impressive! Tankguys and Flickerdown dont have any CCBBE 0610's right now :
  13. Which is best for air? CCB1E or CCBBE? What would you pick if you had the choice?
  14. $*** ? Edited By THunDA.. Please keep offers to pm !! ty
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